Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 | Year in review | The Year of Tomily

First of all I have to take a moment and
congratulate myself for blogging consecutively 
for an ENTIRE year.

Yay, go me!!

Next I need to take a moment
to just take it all in.

This past year, 2013, has just been incredible.
So incredible that i can't even explain it all in one simple blog post.

I was writing this post earlier and well, it was turning into a book.
That's because it's been such an amazing year, and there is so much to say.

This time last year was obviously New Years Eve 2012.
I remember feeling really really good about 2013.
Not sure why, but i wasn't going to question it.

Little did i know that this year would be so fantastic.
I mean it's hard to top a year where you got to spend
three months living in Paris with your best friends.

But i think i did it, not that i was meaning to or anything.
Love will do that to a girl...

I had been talking to Tom for almost two months
when New Years Eve 2012 rolled around.

Which is probably why i was feeling so hopeful for 2013.
2013 would be the year i would graduate from College,
start figuring out my life and really come into my own.
And maybe, just maybe, get to know this Brit a little bit better.

When i first started talking to Tom I knew that something special was happening.
I didn't know how special, or what would come of it but i knew i liked what was happening.

Relationships have never been easy for me.
I've always been really shy around boys,
ever since i can remember.

I held hands with a boy in the 3rd grade
while watching a movie in class
and my palms got so sweaty that he let go of my hand
and asked to go to the bathroom to wash up.

I'm also really awkward in most situations where
awkwardness isn't really allowed.
So there's that...

You know when something big happens and it just flows naturally
into your life with ease, it's almost too good to be true...
Well that's my relationship with Tom.

Lucky for us it is good and it is true.

I never in a million years would have imagined
that this year would go as it's gone.

From hundreds of Skype dates...

To Tom coming to America...

To me going to Liverpool...

What an incredible year it's been.

Tom is obviously incredibly handsome, which helps him out a lot ;)
but he's so much more than a handsome face.

He's my best friend.
I can laugh with him for hours and hours.
He makes me feel so loved.
He believes in me and reassures me that i can do anything.
He longs for my happiness, and i long for his.
He's what i've been missing and i love him so very much.

I get kind of emotional just writing this because
it's been such a fun and silly and amazing year but in all seriousness
i've come out of this year knowing myself so much better than i did in previous years
and i really have Tom to thank for that, he's opened my heart and my mind
to so many things that i've never had before.
Love will do that to a girl ;)

And as i sit here looking at this past year
i'm feeling so blessed to have this opportunity
to love and be loved by such a great guy.

We've had such a good year but i know if we could change
one thing about it, it would be less skypes and more together time.

So my New Years Resolution is an easy one.
Spend more time with Tom.

Oh yea, i'm leaving for England for 5 months
next thursday...so we shouldn't have a problem fulfilling
this new years resolution ;)
sneaky sneaky..

I want to thank you all for following along on this journey.
I don't remember ever thinking about why i was making my relationship
open and public to the world but no matter the reason, i'm so glad i did.
You are all so wonderful!!

I hope you all have a wonderful and safe New Years Eve.
Can't wait to ring it in with family and friends.
See y'all next year ;)



  1. I would have died of embarrassment if someone I was holding hands with asked to go to the bathroom to wash his hands after. I would have been scarred to never hold hands again! Haha. I feel you on the general awkwardness of life though. I've loved following your journey with Tom this past year, and I'm so excited that you get to go to England for so long! Definitely a lot less Skype time. Happy new year!

    1. haha thankfully it only happened once and i was young ;) had i been older....i wouldn't have handled it as well haha. Thanks girl, you have a happy new year as well! :)