Saturday, May 18, 2013

Room Revamp {BEDROOM}

I can finally say it feels like home again.
Everything is in its place and it only took me...a week and a half.
Which is a record for me.

Normally i'm not unpacked until August when it's time to pack up again.
Luckily, the next time i pack up will be my last semester of school.
I only have to do this one more time.

It's always really fun for me to redecorate when i come back home for summer.
This time it wasn't as much redecoration as it was just re-arranging.

I love my bedroom.
I have a nice big window, and it's pretty spacious.
I've painted it many colors, some that weren't bad and some that were awful.
It's now a soft gray color, which is perfect.

I'm pretty proud of my room this time around.
It's starting to have a more adult feel which is good.
Normally it's stuck in-between teen and adult, but i think we're starting to cross over.

I've been asked about my chandelier a few times.
It's pretty spectacular for a $99 chandelier.
Yeaaa, you heard me $99.
I had been looking for a cheap chandelier that looks nicer than it is.
I found mine at home depot, not sure if it's still there as i've had mine over a year.
But it's literally my favorite thing about my room.

Well, that and my green antique desk.
Oh and my Hobbs Lobbs Lamp on my green desk.
I found it on the sale aisle, original price $120 and i only paid $40 :)
The giant E on the wall behind it, it's a cardboard letter from Joanns.
I hot glued sparkly ribbon to it in a pattern and voila!!

Couch is a small gray couch from Ikea.
I think it was like $129
It even folds into a bed.

Curtains are burlap from Target.
All furniture was passed down to me in some way.
Headboard is actually a big wall sticker. 
It was a pain to put on but i really like it.

And the pictures above my bed i got from hobbs lobbs.
I actually wrote my first blog on here about them.
You can read that post here 

Basically everything in my room is something i've either bought or been given in the last 10 years.
I've just finally found a way to make it all fit together.

I'm loving this space so much, took a lot of work but i think it's perfect!!


And now for a totally unrelated comment.
Tomorrow is 1 month until Tom hops on a plane to come see me :)
Just yesterday we had well over 100 days to wait.
Now we're almost in the 20's :)

Hope y'all have a great weekend.



  1. I love your bedroom Emily! xx

  2. have by far the coolest and most elegant bedroom I have ever seen. I love that you not only have a chandelier, but artwork of one. Love the paintings of France and the E too. So lovely.

    Bonnie Rose | a Compass Rose