Friday, December 28, 2012

Easy Art Tutorial

I have a tutorial for you, to show you how to make 
fantastic art peices for your walls without spending $50+

{See how good it turned out}
I went to hobbslobbs {hobby lobby} today looking for something 'Texasy' to send Tom in my next letter, and i should of known i couldnt just go into hobbslobbs without buying anything else...
I ended up carrying around 3 posters and a foam board for like a solid hour, contemplating how i was going to make it work, and where i was going to put it.
I knew however that i had to have it because it was all 50% off...and i just can't pass that up...
I bought three vertical fashion posters with the image of a painted dress on each poster...the posters themselves are flimsy and look bad if you just hang them directly on the wall, i wanted there to be a little bit of sturdiness behind them, and thats when i passed the foam board...
I got a giant foam board for $5 bucks, make sure your posters will fit on the board to your liking!
Brought all of this home and sat on the wood floor in the living room with scissors, a box cutter and modge podge glue...i started by cutting the poster because there was a white edge at the bottom with words and i didnt want that in the finished product.
Then i layed the poster onto the foam board and traced around it so that it would fit the back of the poster perfectly. I then picked up the box cutters and thought my mother was going to pass out because i was still sitting on her wood floor ;) She grabbed me a scrap of wood from the garage and layed it under the board....good idea so you dont cut the floor or yourself...
then i just cut the board out and covered it in modge podge, finally i layed the poster perfectly squared on the board so no edges were showing, smoothed it out and started on the next one :)
SO SO EASY and it looks so good when your done :)
I put them over my bed and it changed the look of my whole room, i am so in love with them!!!

In the end it was very cheap
3 dress posters = $18.00 all together
1 large foam board = $5.00
Total spent $23.00

Hope this is helpful to you crafty and non crafty people, it really is very easy,
anyone can and should do it :)


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