Monday, December 31, 2012

Meet Tom...He's BRITISH :)

If you've known me for a while then you know I kind of have this crazy love for all things British!
I have a Union Jack footrest in my living room along with a pillow and a serving tray.
Of course my love runs deeper than house accessories.
I also have a thing for British guys, I mean hello who can turn down a 
charming, witty British guy....and then there's the accent.....
I mean stop me if I'm wrong but we all know I'm not! :)

So what's this blog post all about....I mean get to the point Emily.
Well recently I may have found someone who meets all of my British guy qualities.
Tall, handsome, funny, loves his mum, and likes telling jokes.
{yes those are qualities i look for} 

A few weeks ago I eagerly went to check my mail knowing there was a letter in there from him
and behold there was indeed a letter.
So what does this all mean?

long story short
well......he's turning out to be a bit more than that :-)

His name is Thomas William Francis Wright III...but I just call him Tom, Tom-Tom, Tom-cat, 
The Tominator...Hot Tomale....and other things like devilishly handsome and charming!
He's 22 {my age}.
He's from Liverpool, England.
He's somewhere between 6'3 and 6'4.
He's hilarious.
He's attractive.
He's as sweet as can be.
He likes travel and adventures.
And he's probably reading this blog post right now.

How we met: 
It was on a silly penpal website that neither
 of us thought would lead to a real friendship...
YES we met me crazy but it's really not that uncommon these days,
PLUS how else am I supposed to find a handsome British fella
while living between Arkansas and Texas.

The letters:
So far they are just telling each other a little bit more about ourselves.
There are letter writing rules. It must be handwritten, there must be some sort of doodle {picture} drawn and you have to put a little surprise in the letter, something small that the other person can keep!

{Tom to Emily}
{British penny from 1947}

{Emily to Tom}
{Sparkly glittery cupcake ornament, I sent this fully knowing his dislike for glitter}

AND get this...Not only are we penpals, but we also have Skates. 
A *skate is a Skype Date.
We've had 3 so far and each one has lasted longer than the one before it.

The first one was an ice breaker, we were both nervous and it ended up being pretty awkward.....although still really good.

The Second skate was almost 2 hours long and we just chatted like old friends it was pretty amazing.
The 3rd skate was over 2 hours long...girly sigh...and at one point i met his wonderful mum for like 10 seconds...we are going to have a more formal meeting later :-)

The 4th Skate was today and it was AMAZING as usual, he even did a magic trick for me hahaha!!! :-D

It's important to see an online friend face to face before getting too attached,
to make sure you know who you're really talking to!
You'll be happy to know that he is in fact a normal scruffy 22 year old British guy!!! :-)

 {Let there be proof!!!}
{Now you know why I get girly sighs.......there's an accent behind that face}
and yes I am wearing a multi-colored plaid know you love it!

I wish I could tell you everything we talk about in this 
one blog post but then what would you have to look forward to?
I plan on making Tom a frequent blogging topic ;) I mean do you blame me?
Plus who the near future....he might come see me in TEXAS :) heard that right, there have been talks about it :-)
hmmmm.....if that doesn't wet your appetite for more I don't know what will...

Isn't this so exciting, I sure think so!
To keep up with this Tom sitch you will have to keep up with this blog :) 
Have I got you completely roped in yet??? Hope so ;)

Hope you're all having a splendid day, I know I am!



  1. Well I popped over from the road less travelled and wanted to say HI so "HI" and been nice meeting Tom as well.........

  2. Pen pals to bf/gf is so adorable! I am a blogging college student as well so I loved finding your blog through your guest post. How did you become penpals?

  3. ah this is the CUTEST!!!!!!!!!!! I'm totally a new follower! a tad obsessed :P

    1. Haha thanks lily, it is pretty exciting...I'm a little obsessed myself ;)

  4. Ok after stalking you a little more now it all makes sense. Ahhhh I love this so much! First of all I love British men with british accents (my high school love was British mmmm(good thing my husband won't read this haha)) second, this sounds like something from the movies! I love how you write each other old fashion letters-I bet you wait for the mail every day ha I would!