Tuesday, January 1, 2013

23 before 23

Contrary to what you might think this is actually my first real blog post on here...any and everything you've read up till this post has been from my previous blogs {2 of them to be exact} and they were posts that i wanted to incorporate into this blog without having to re-write them...{I'm Lazy} 

SO this is fresh, this is new and this is very exciting!!! 
I love blogging, it is like a huge passion of mine, i love to write, and tell people about
embarrassing and exciting things that happen in my life!!! :)

It's a new year, 2013 is officially upon us and what better way
to start out a new blog than with some positivity!! :) 
23 before 23 is an idea I stole from Ms. Autumn over at Al's Narratives!!
I thought to myself what a great idea it is to list out 23 things i want to do before i turn 23!!
{Which happens to be my next birthday} 
So i have about 9 months to make all 23 of these things happen!!!
1. All American Road Trip 
2. Meet Tom :-)
3. Make all A's
4. Drive on a Desert Road listening to 70's music
5. Explore Texas
6. Run another Color Run
7. Send Thank you cards to Family and Friends
8. Pray more
9. Watch a sunrise and sunset
10. Read the whole Bible
11. Make my Etsy shop go GLOBAL
12. RULE THE WORLD MWAHAHA.....or maybe just make pizza from scratch..
13. Work out, like all the time....do lunges....especially lunges
14. Go spelunking and like it....
15. Save $3000 for something {Special}
16. Go to at least 3 Concerts, Indie Concerts like Florence, Mumford, and so on....
17. Send Gifts to people on their birthdays {I'm horrible at that} :/
18. Save my brother from Video Games, Show him what outside looks like...
19. Learn to play the Uke and sing at the same time....
20. Eat healthier, like really healthy!!!!
21. Go outside more!!!
22. Take this blog from 4 followers to over 100!!!!!
23. Spend my 23rd birthday doing 23 things for other people!!

As i go along, i'll be checking things off the list :)
Start Date: January 1st 2013
End Date : September 4th 2013
{I started kind of late, whoops}

That's all for now, oh and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!
P.S. you should follow me on here...i have some exciting giveaway news coming up very soon, and i have a feeling you'll want in on it....I go big, that is all ;)



  1. I need to make one of these lists!! ALthough I am older than 23 so I guess I will have to do more things! :)

    1. That's what's so fun about it..even if your older that's more exciting things to add to your list..I almost feel limited with just 23 haha :-) thanks for visiting Suzy!! :-)