Monday, December 31, 2012

Travel Blog {South of France}

{This is an excerpt from my Travel Blog while studying in France}

February 2nd 2012

We are here we are here :) It has been a crazy couple of days...First of all let me tell you about i am that person who has only flown to 2 places in my life, so flying across the world was a bit nerve-racking....but i survived and actually enjoyed most of it :) Our first flight was hard and easy, it was hard because we had to say our goodbyes and easy because well....a 2 hour flight to atlanta....not bad at atlanta to Paris is a whole other story...we were on the place for close to 10 hours...i mean i'm used to lazing around the house for that long but it's different o a plane....but all in all not too bad :) and the food on the plane....the food was REALLY REALLY delicious haha yes plane food is sort of good, i was impressed :) we had chicken and sweet potatoes and green beans, a little roll with butter, some cheese and a salad....i did not however eat the salad :P yuck!!!! so FINALLY we land in Paris and we are all super and sam go exploring and find a place that sells snacks....that's where we find a nice man who thinks we are the MOST WONDERFUL HUMANS HE HAS EVER MET....he loved us!!! Asked us where we were from so we said texas and his response was "Oh i love texas i love texas women you beautiful women (insert awkward blushing here) oh you know bush?? george bush??? yea oh we love americans especially pretty ones" hahaha he was our favorite :) also it was FREEZING in Paris...i could see my nose then get on the plane and head to Nice, get to Nice still super exhausted....we drop our stuff off at the hotel and go get dinner...i had pizza haha it was marguerite pizza and it was HUGE...we really need to learn how to ask portion sizes haha!!! so then head back to the hotel, me and sam are roomies as usual :) we have a cute little room with two beds a closet a bathroom a small kitchen (that doesn't work) and an awesome view from the balcony :) last night i slept alright...i woke up around 4 in the morning which is really 9 at night back home and my body was like why are you sleeping you crazy....get up....i did not however go anywhere...just layer in bed till i fell asleep again :) then this morning we had breakfast....i ate frosted flakes which are called frosties here....yea yea yea i ate cereal my first morning in france get overrr itttt :) haha after breakfast we met with our tour guide cecilia, she was fantastic...she showed us around the whole city...we went to the ocean and to the new area of town and the old area of town :) It's all soooo pretty!!! :) then we ate lunch....lunch was was a plate with like 10 different Nice cuisines on it and i can't say it was wonderful it was interesting to say the least...after lunch they let us loose...YES they let us roam the city alone and we did a fantastic job of it...i mean clearly i'm back at the hotel so it all worked out well :) we went to the top of this hill...took like millions of stairs i almost died (asthma) poor lungs....but finally we made it to the top and had a breathtaking view of Nice which is what you see in the picture above. You could see EVERYTHING and it was just absolutely wonderful!! after than we found a small convenience store and bought some nesseities we left in our luggage....made my first purchase with went really well!! :) after that we headed to a museum and did the museum thing then we came back to the room to relax for a bit....i have never walked that much in my life and i'm sure of it....we walked for a good 10 hours today at least....anyways we chilled in the room for a while then headed out for dinner on our own, we found a little cuban restaurant and we ate that for dinner...some meat with veggies and banana's and cheese on was strangely good :) also i had fruit and the fruit over here doesn't bother my allergies like the fruit in that was nice :) SO anyways now we are back at the hotel ready to sleep....we have to wake up around 7:00 tomorrow to get ready to leave for cannes :) another walking tour tomorrow then were staying in avignon tomorrow night :) thanks for reading....more to come later!!! :) also mom and dad thanks for giving me the amazing opportunity, it's going to be the most amazing time of my life :) love y'all and i also love anyone else reading this!!!!

à bientôt
Emily :)


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