Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bye Bye Beardy

Six, almost seven months ago when i first started talking to Tom
he just had a little fuzz on his face.
A little bit of scruff.
Like this...

You may be wondering, is this going to be a post all about beards??
Why yes, yes it is ;) 
settle in...

I remember telling him how much i loved it
and how much i thought he should keep it ;)
He did just that..kept it up until now!

He's really grown into his beard over the past few months.
& I've gotten so used to seeing it on his face.

So when he told me he was going to shave it off,
because it was going to be too hot in Texas for the beard,
I understood it was something that needed to be done!

Lucky for him i grew attached to him and not the beard ;)
I love the beard don't get me wrong...i hope to see it again in the future.
But would you want to walk around in 115 degree weather with a hairy face?
I think i answer for everyone when i say NO! ;) 

{My face isn't of shock, I'm just trying to get him to pull the same face as me haha!}

Such a cute face ;) 
I love it!!

I'm glad he'll be cooler with it this way...
HA! Who am i kidding...he won't be cooler...this is Texas ;)
We'll be lucky if it's 105 degrees in June!! 

I mean if you want to cool off you could always pour ice water 
down your pants...but shaving was probably easier ;)

I almost feel like i should say a few words about the beard...
We had some good times...
this isn't goodbye...just see you soon ;)



  1. Em, Tom hasn't gotten you to say 'trousers' yet? ;)

    Bonnie Rose | A Compass Rose

    1. Haha oh right trousers ;) I need to work on my lingo haha :-)