Monday, May 20, 2013

Ask and you shall receive

So i've been asked a few times now when
you'll be seeing another post from Tom.

Well i've talked to him about it and we're hoping
to have another Tom post up by the end of the week
to commemorate there only being 25 days till he's here.

So keep you eyes peeled for that at some point this week.
Well really it should be Friday.

Today we're officially in the 20's in this waiting game.
The 20's is serious. This is like a major planning phase.
Packing will start happening soon along with getting
everything here ready for his arrival.

My amazing parents have always wanted to do some remodeling.
Now that we have a visitor coming it's kind of speeding things along ;)

I would apologize that this blog is basically becoming a countdown.
But i'm thinking you're all just as excited as i am.
I hope so anyways.

Plus lets be real...This has been a Tom blog from the beginning.
And it's bound to stay that way.

So people have craft blogs, lifestyle blogs, baby blogs.
I guess mine is a romantical blog.
Which is so fun!!

I hope you all have a fabulous monday!!
29 days till Tom arrives.
It's crazy exciting!!


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