Friday, May 24, 2013

Back again by popular demand {Tom Blog}

Hello again, its me Tom..
Back again by popular demand for a special blog to celebrate 25 days before my arrival :)
It feels a little strange that my arrival is something that needs to be celebrated
People aren't usually this excited to see me haha ;)

But then again these aren't normal circumstances..
Its been 199 days (nearly 200!!) since I first spoke to Emily way back in November
And I have to wait a further 25 to meet her...
Its going to be some first date ;-)

Ok, so i've heard people want to know a little more about me.
I'm 22, I'll be 23 on June 7th, so I'm just a little older than Emily.
I have two jobs, I sell concert tickets for an arena here in the city and I'm a files clerk.
Both sound more exciting than they actually are, 
well...files clerk doesn't even sound exciting.

I have a degree in history and politics although you probably 
wouldn't think so I can be a bit of a divvy.

I have travelled a little, but I've never been to the US 
and I'm pretty excited to be going to Texas.

The sun is kind of a myth in the UK, we think its there but no ones quite sure 
so I'm excited to be getting some sun while I'm there.

I don't know too much about Texas but I'm excited to find out what its all about.
Emily’s already told me some pretty interesting stuff.
I was surprised to find Emily's dad isn't an oil tycoon, 
they don’t live on a ranch and they don’t even have a single horse!!

Also as you know we have an amazing trip to California planned.
I’m excited about all the amazing stuff we'll be doing.
Like seeing Hollywood, exploring Yosemite and lazing at the beach.
Its going to be amazing, we’re pretty talented planners,
I see many more adventures to come for us :)

But the thing I’m most excited about for my trip to Texas, is this girl...

Since I first said hello in November Emily has pretty much taken over my life.
We’re connected one way or another most of the time
But I’m ready to be there now!!

I'm ready for people to see us together 
and understand what this is all about

And finally...
I’m ready to be with the girl thats been driving me crazy for the past 6.5 months!!

Next time you hear from me I should be in Texas.
Thanks for taking the time to read some more about me!



  1. Emily- HE'S SO CUTE. I'm feeling all sorts of squee for you right now.

    Tom- My degree is in history (and French) too! I'm actually fascinated by English history... okay, primarily the Tudors. I mean, Elizabeth I was such a badass. And of course, I love French history, but only up til the Revolution. It's all a bit dull after that. Do you have a favorite time period/country?

    1. haha i know isn't he so cute..I'm definitely feeling the squee myself ;)

      Tom - I'm glad you enjoyed my blog. You're right, Liz was pretty cool. I was never big on the Tudors though. I prefer more modern history, European or American and I also studied Fascism quite a bit.

  2. Welcome to America, Tom. Be prepared to be misunderstood (a lot) My boyfriend's name is Peter (he is from London) and every time we go somewhere remotely noisy, people think he is saying 'pizza.' when he introduces himself :-p

    1. haha that's hilarious, i'll just give tom a megaphone when he speaks to people ;)

  3. Very sweet post. Emily you're a lucky girl! xx

    1. Oh i know ;) haha It's so exciting :) :)

  4. You and Tom should do a vlog together when hes visiting! That would be so cool! ..And I'm guessing probably pretty cute =)

    1. I was actually thinking the same thing ;) It's in the works!! :)

  5. so tom, is it true that you've never traveled to london before even though you've lived in the uk you're whole life?

    1. It is true, been close, but never quite made it there. I probably will make it there one day, as its one of Em's favourite places.

    2. Who better than Emily to show you around then!

  6. Aww, i love this post! I hope Tom does more posts these are great. So looking foward to photos and updates from your guys' trip this summer! Since I'm living in england I say enjoy that sun for me!

    Bonnie Rose | A Compass Rose

  7. I'm so excited. I can't wait for him to hear my hick accent! Haha