Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Adventure awaits

Tom will be here in Texas on Monday!!
I feel like i'm holding my breath waiting for him to get here.
I love and miss him and I'm so ready for our next adventure.

It's probably my favorite word.
There's so many things that go through
my head when I think of adventure.

I think of Tom.
He's been such an adventure.
Over the past (almost) two years
I've been on so many adventures with him.

Some of those adventures were when we actually traveled.
Travel adventures are theeeee best!!
Seeing knew places, it's my favorite thing!!

Other adventures were just learning about each other.
Falling for someone is a serious adventure.
A wonderful, magical adventure.

So with Tom in Texas on the horizon
I can't help but think of all of the adventures
that are to come over the next month and a half.

I've actually been thinking of some adventures
that will be happening next year.

About a year ago Tom and I talked about this year
and how we wanted to be able to somehow, someway spend
the entire year together.

Well we did pretty good, 
we are going to have six and a half months
under our belts for this year.

So why not aim higher for next year??
Well I can tell you that we are definitely aiming higher.

I went out with some friends from high school the other day
and we were all able to catch up and it was just the greatest!!
I love friends that stick with you through the years, they're the best!!

Anyways one of my good friends Mariah was telling
me that she really wants to go to Australia.

Weird, so do we!!
Like we really want to go!!

This blog post is coming full circle..

This whole Australia thing has been on my mind non stop lately.

I just think it's such a great opportunity.
I don't like letting opportunity go to waste.

So if money is there and Tom is on board
I say we go to Australia, or NZ.
Final destination hasn't been decided. Ha!

Plus knowing that a friend of mine from
way way back might also be over there
is more than enough for me to be on board!!

I mean does anyone else want in on this
because it would be crazy cool to have
a group going over.

Like a traveling community of people ;)
Would that be weird??? Maybe...
I think I'm trying to make myself a gypsy.
I need to take a little step back. haha

Hope everyone is having a great week!!


  1. My husband served an LDS mission in Australia! So of course he wants to take me there someday. Ha ha keep me informed!

  2. I have always wanted to study abroad and Australia is on the list!