Saturday, August 2, 2014

The British are coming (Again)

My title really should say...


Tomorrow I'll be heading down to Houston to
retrieve someone very special..and something very special!! :)

Tom will be here Monday afternoon
and i'm just so excited!!!

He's also carting around precious cargo
that is my British sour cherries...It's a sweet
and i'm having serious withdrawals!!

If you want to follow me on instagram
that will probably be the best way to 
keep up with the happenings of tomily
for a few days until I can get it up on the blog ;)

emily_hopefulwandering = Instagram


I'm so so soooo ready!!!

There won't be any Galavanting off in Scotland or Italy
but we will do some adventuring in Galveston which Tom
calls the Venice of Texas ;)

So it's basically going to be a blast!
girly siiiiiggghhhh

:) :) :) :) :)

Be sure to keep up with us on Instagram!!
Have a great weekend!


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