Thursday, July 17, 2014


Ahh the fuuttuuurreee....
That's going to be the topic of today's post.
Not futuristic things like flying cars and hover boards
but futuristic things like where will Tomily be next year.

So, where will we be next year??

We have four options.
Options are good!
Options are solid!

Options make me feel less crazy
because i'd rather have them than not have them.

Option 1 - Tom applies for internship in America.

 Option 2 - Emily Applies for internship in England.

Option 3 - Tom and Emily apply for working holiday visa in Australia.

Option 4 - Tom and Emily apply for working holiday visa in New Zealand.

Tom could intern in America for up to one year on that visa.
I could intern in England for up to 6 months.
We can both work and live in AUS or NZ for up to one year.

Option 1&2 are great because we'd be close to family
and we'd have room and board and hot meals and family fun.

But options 3&4 are so so exciting and we love adventure
and this is the perfect time to go do something while neither of us
are sucked into those wonderful career jobs...

We both looked into working in Australia and I found numerous
Au Pair jobs that would be perfect for me and Tom saw a few jobs
that he really liked the look of as well.

When we searched for internships that Tom could have in America
the list was tiny and not really inspiring.

So Australia, once again, looks really attractive.
Except for the fact that it's like a million miles away.

There's also New Zealand.
The top perk of NZ is that the visa application is F.R.E.E!!!!
You just have to apply then take it with you on your travels.
We don't know as much about NZ as we do Australia...
So that one is less likely to happen.

I don't know, what do you guys think??
Would you ever move to Australia or NZ?

Let me know because we need some inspiration!!

America and England are GREAT but if we get
an opportunity to go explore the world and be together
and work and earn some money shouldn't we seriously
consider that option??? I think so!!

Let me know your thoughts :)



  1. As a Tolkien fan, I would go to New Zealand. Even if you don't love the films, you have to admit that scenery is magical, right? Realistically though, I kind of wonder if Australia will have more going on. If the application is free though, might as well do both, right??

    1. The one thing I know about NZ is that it's beautiful. ;) that alone makes me want to go there. I was kind of thinking the same thing though. If we could swing it, why not go to both?? Decisions, decisions ;) thanks girl!!

  2. I did both NZ and Australia and loved it and would recommend doing both to everyone! As a Californian, I actually liked NZ more because it was very different (though going to Australia was practically like coming home), had a great job, loved the ease of everything and the people were awesome! Australia is like US-lite (even more so then Canada, I think). Good luck and keep us posted! Can't wait to see where you guys end up! Let me know if you have any questions about either:-). Cheers!

    1. Ah it sounds great!! I feel like Australia would be more comfort friendly for the both of us. NZ would be absolutely beautiful and If we do Australia I can see NZ happening next! :) I may take you up on those questions!! :) Thanks girl!

  3. It's awesome that you have lots of options. It's wonderful that your love is so strong that you're willing to go on a traveling adventure together. It's inspiring that y'all are willing to do so much to be together! I've loved following your story. Australia is #1 on my list of places I want to travel. At one point, I looked into living and working over there for a year, and I was going to travel through Ultimate Oz:

    1. Ah you got me all choked up ;) I really really do love him, i'm pretty sure he feels the same about me ;) ha! Australia just seems like the perfect place to go on an adventure. The only downside are the spiders...but i think we'll face them together! :) You should definitely do it girl, if we do it and you do it then we'll all know someone over there haha! :) I'll have to look into ultimate oz for sure, thanks girl!

  4. Potential Option #5: China. You could both easily (super easily) get jobs. All they care about is that you speak English. My husband (boyfriend at the time) spent 10 months in China working in an elementary school. We were provided with housing, got a travel/vacation stipend, were paid well, and only worked about 16 hours a week! Food is really cheap in China, so we ate out for probably 90% of our meals. Also, they have a six week break for their lunar new year festival, so we got to spend about a month traveling through southern China. Even though we lived pretty lavishly, we were still able to save quite a bit of money up by the time we came home.

  5. I live in NZ, and I can say that it is 100000000% the best country ever. Waaaaaay better than Australia ;) We don't have any wildlife that wants to eat your face off (just sayin'). NZ! NZ! NZ! ;) Can you feel the peer pressure from a little girl on the other side of the world? Hahaha.

    1. How can I say no to this, especially the whole "No wildlife that wants to eat your face off" hahaha We will deffintiely keep NZ in mind :) If we did go to Australia I can see NZ not being far behind, or vice versa! :)