Friday, July 18, 2014

Perks of traveling while single or as a couple!!

I got my first passport ever in October of 2011
right before I left for my study abroad program in Paris.

Before that I never needed a passport because
my family liked to travel in the USofA.

Well that passport has taken me to some really
amazing places over the past 2 years
and i just don't know what i'd do without it.

I even try bringing it with me when I'm just
traveling in America, i feel like i need it and
i'll get in trouble if i'm caught without it.

In fact I probably have my passport on me more
than my drivers license...I need to work on that ;)

Anywaysss I wanted to do a post on traveling as a single person
and then contrast it with traveling as a couple.

This isn't one of those "why you should be single in your 20's posts"
or "why you should get a boyfriend/get married so you can travel with a partner post."

This is simply my personal experiences :)
I don't have beef with either side :)

The BIGGEST perk of traveling when you're single
is that YOU and only you get to decide on the trip.
You don't have to talk to your significant other and see
if the trip works for them, you can just go, and you get
to pick the destination without any one else's approval.

Now i guess that's really only true if you're one of those
brave people to travel by yourself.

Traveling by yourself, while i've never done it,
I imagine to be an eye opening experience.

Here's one perk of traveling when you're single.
Let's just say you're in England and a cute brit catches your eye..
heyy, go and inquire and have fun getting to know him/her.

Use your common sense though, don't get into
a creeper situation because creepers are out there
and they will creep the crap outta you!!

I can say from personal experience that keeping a journal
or writing blog posts is something you should really try to do.

And try to make it really personal, talk about your feelings towards experiences.
The things that really really got your attention are going to be the things
you'll want to read about and remember in the days to come.

Now obviously you don't have to be single to do any of this
but if you are take it as a chance to really get to know yourself.

Just have fun though, use it as a "this is for me"
experience and try to learn about yourself while you're abroad.
You really learn so much about yourself while you're traveling
and sometimes it's great to travel while you're single the first time or
two so that you know how you are likely to act when traveling with
your future significant other ;)

Do you get hangry when you don't get an afternoon snack??
I do, i'm glad i found that out before traveling with Tom ;)

Tom actually did a solo trip around Europe after he graduated.
Which was great because he was able to help us plan our trips
better because of some of the things he learned when he traveled as a solo traveler.

So Tom took his solo knowledge and applied it to our couple travels
especially when we traveled in Italy this past May.

It's really fun to travel as a couple.
It's fun to travel as a single as well
but traveling as a couple is a bit different.

You do have to compromise with someone else about
where you would like to go on a trip.

I know when Tom and I were trying to figure out
where we wanted to go on a trip we spent days and even weeks
just researching places and then talking about the pros and the cons
of each place we found that we liked.

The great thing about research is that you don't have to go
on that trip right now but you'll have some info on it
for trips down the road that you want to take.

Compromise might be hard if you and your Significant other
don't have the same taste.

Tom and I don't really have that problem since
we're both just really laid back with just about everything.

So once you get the destination pegged everything after that is pretty easy.

It's fun traveling as a couple because for one you know
you're always going to have someone with you.

And i hope that your someone is as fun as my someone.
Tom and I have had a blast every time we've traveled together
and I can't really imagine going anywhere without him.

When you travel as a couple you have to take the other person into consideration.
This is actually a perk in my opinion because I love making sure Tom
is good and that we both have everything we need.

Another perk is having someone else there in case
something bad happens and you need backup.

When Tom and I were in Cali my Debit Card was compromised
and if I Had been by myself I would have been in a lot of trouble
but since Tom was with me he just sugar daddied me the rest of the time.
He's a catch y'all, for real!!

There are obviously hundreds of perks
for each situation whether single or dating
but now that i've got Tom i'm obviously biased
towards traveling with him.

But I really truly believe that traveling while you're single
is an incredible opportunity to really learn about yourself. 

So whether your a solo traveler or you travel as a couple
I think both sides are doing it right because you've decided
to make adventure a part of your life.

This world is so grand and so beautiful that
it would be a shame to miss out on it!!

So travel, single or as a couple, just travel!!


Hope you're all having a great weekend!!


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