Thursday, July 24, 2014

Closet Sale

I've seen lots of people use instagram as
a garage sale of sorts to sell their clothing that
they don't wear anymore.

I mean GENIUS!!
It's genius for two reasons.
Reason 1 - You get to declutterfy!!
Reason 2 - You make back some money you spent.
And that's kind of what's so great about it.

I like to sell and donate.
I donate clothing quite often,
in fact when I left England I basically donated
all of my clothes before I left to make room for 
all of the other fun stuff i was bringing home with me.

So while i'm selling some clothes, i've got another bag full
that's headed to donation station tomorrow! :)

A lot of the items i'm selling in my instagram closet sale
are either name brand, H&M, JCrew, Gap, target name brand??
If not it probably should be, i loovvee target!!
The other stuff i'm selling is stuff i've picked up overseas.
I've got lots of scarves from England and one OXFORD sweatshirt
that is from OXFORD, UK...OXFORD deserves to be in all CAPS.

I know i'm crazy, selling an OXFORD sweatshirt, how dare I...
But listen, the ladies don't really have room in that sweatshirt soooo...
It's got to go ;)

I've got skirts, T's, scarves galore and some other stuff.
It's not like hundreds of things, I think I'll have like 30 items at the most.

The coooool part of this little sale is it's a bidding sale.

So you know that OXFORD sweatshirt?
Bidding starts at $5. FIVE BUCKS!!
So if you're the only one that bids on that
you've got yoself an OXFORD sweatshirt basically for free ;)

It's pretty awesome.

All of my scarves start at $1.
So you might snatch yourself up some
scarves and not even spend that much on them.

To be honest most items in the sale start at $1.
So it would be great to have more than one person bid on everything...
If only one person bids then that person is getting lots of stuff for pennies..pennies I say!!

It's really cool..really really cool!!

The bidding will begin on July 25th at 7:00am.
That's this FRIDAY!!

The bidding will conclude on July 31st
at 11:59PM that's the following Thursday.

So bidding will be up for a couple of days.
It's kind of like a massive eBay sale.

All you have to do to bid on an item is
comment on the item and put a price higher than
the highest price.

To be specific, put a price that is .50 cents or more over the last highest price.

If you win the item then
I'll contact you via instagram and
ask for an email that I can send an invoice to.

If the sale falls through then the
next highest bidder will win the item.

It's so simple :)

My Instagram name is @emsclosetsale
ALSO Follow me so you'll get an update when the sale begins.

There are clearer images and item info on instagram.

Please don't bid on anything until Friday at 7:00am.

I'll delete any bidding that starts before then. :)

There's also an information photo in the feed
where you can read some more about the sale :)

Have a great day you guys!!

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