Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Tom booked a flight + Random ramblings

So yesterday after Tom and I skyped our way through
one of the knockout games of the world cup Tom
looks at me...through the camera...and tells me to look at flights.

You see Tom and I have been looking at flights on a daily basis
for months now because those suckers are like SO expensive all of a sudden.

I mean it's never cheap to fly across the world
but we've always been pretty good at making cheap(er) flights happen.
We book pretty far in advance...usually.

So when we started looking at flights for Tom to come
to Texas in August the prices were insane.

Like $1600 insane.
Ummmm no, is there like a fishing barge he can get a ticket on?
Just kidding, i'd never make Tom do that.
It was actually his suggestion.

Anyways Prices have fluctuated, as they usually do
but they have never, not once, gotten below £800.
Which is an absolutely ridiculous price.
I think airline companies are crooks to the maaaxxx.
Why is this same exact flight £400 in September but £900 in August??
Oh because of the summer??
Not an acceptable excuse!!!

Whoops, rant over.

So Tom tells me to look at flights, so I do.
The flight we wanted which was Manchester-Dallas
was still pretty Pricey, in the 700's but still up there.
However Manchester-Houston was cheaper.
Cheaper by like £100.

So Tom bought his flight for £700
which is still just annoyingly expensive but
it wasn't £900 so we were pretty happy about it.

So yay, Tom is almost on his way back to the USA! :)

In other news I've added quite a few new items
to my Etsy shop.

Prints and canvases.
Prints are $1 and will continue to be $1.

I've added some new prints to the shop
and i'll continue to add more as I grow.

I kind of wanted to revamp my canvases a little
so I added a few new additions to the shop and I'm really liking them.

They are customizable, come in 2 different sizes
and are just really cute if I'm being honest :)

I think they're so fun!!
I hope I get to make more of these!!

I've also added a coupon code to the shop
that will probably hang out for a while.

The code is SAVE25
You can save 25% on your entire order
when you spend $10.00 or more.

Just enter it in at checkout and Voila!!

Hope you are all having a great week.
Oh and, HAPPY JULY!!

Tom will be here next month!


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