Sunday, June 29, 2014

I miss Tom

I miss Tom.

It's great being back home,
it's great to be able to see family,
but I miss Tom.

People ask me if i'm happy to be home.

I can't really say no because that's not true.
I'm very happy to be home to be with family,
and to see a few friends here and there.

But I miss him.

I literally feel like half of myself.

I've been keeping myself really busy with work stuff
and getting my Etsy shop back up and running.
But now everything is starting to settle and
I am just feeling a little lonely.

I'm not lonely with my family,
i have a great relationship with them
but i'm missing a vital piece, a vital person
and i'm just really counting down the days, hours, minutes
and seconds until he lands here in Texas in a few weeks!!

On top of missing Tom like CRAZY
I'm trying to get used to living back at home
with my family, I haven't permanently lived here
since I graduated from High School in 2009.

I've grown to be pretty independent over the years
so moving back home has been an adjustment.
I love it, but it's definitely different.

I do realize that these are small, teeny tiny tweaks
in the grand scheme of things and i'm very fortunate to
be able to make these decisions and i'm lucky
that my British Stud Crumpet is on his way to
America in a few short weeks.

It's just that all of these life changes can become
a bit overwhelming at times and well, i'm overwhelmed.

If you haven't already guessed it, I miss Tom!
The comfort that the person you love brings you
is something that is really indescribable.

When I'm with Tom I feel so complete and so happy.
When I'm not with him i'm actually pretty miserable on the inside.
You'd never know it on the outside but now you know how my insides feel.
That kind of sounded a little weird reading out that last sentence ;)
I'm going to leave it in there anyhow.

I just love Tom so much and i'm ready
for our long distance shenanigans to be over.

No, I'm not proposing on my blog ;)

I'm just saying, this whole long distance thing is for the birds.
I'm ready for that money tree to appear so that this becomes easier.
I'll let you all know if and when that happens and we'll share the wealth.

We both feel the same way about all of this.
I just don't want you guys thinking i'm a crazy girl
who talks about getting married while the guy is like..

no gif photo: Jim-The Office neztd5.gif

We'd both just like for the world to get a little bit cheaper.
But then again wouldn't we all like that ;)

When the world does get cheaper, or we both have enough money
to make it feel cheaper, that is when big things start happening.


Hope you all have a great Monday!!

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