Monday, July 7, 2014

I & Love & You

Here's a snippet of something I haven't shared on this blog before,
the first time we (tom & myself) said those three words.

It's a pretty sweet story, it's also corny and maybe a bit silly.

The day was March 20th, 2013.
Let it be known that by the time this milestone had rolled around
Tom and I had "known" each other for almost 5 months.
We had skyped a couple hundred times and were
fully aware of what was on the horizon.

I don't remember what we were even talking about
beforehand, all I know is I had just skyped Tom in the Business Building.

Oh yea, sometimes I would reserve a room in the business building
so I could skype with Tom before I had to go to work..(in the same building)
It was easier than going back to the apartment and then coming back.

Now that I think about it, I skyped Tom all over that building.
In hallways, in classrooms, it had good internet...what can I say ;)

Anyways on this specific day Tom and I were skyping in a classroom.

For some reason when I say skyping in a classroom it sounds really scandalous. Ha!

We talked for a while before I went into work.
It was definitely a mushy skype date.
I mean, most of them were.

So after I got into work we started texting..
I know, bad worker, but not really because
I just worked the front desk in a computer lab.

I don't remember it all but I do remember
talking about how much we liked each other.
Like really LIKED each other.

We'd say things like...
"I LIKE you so much"
I really really really LIKE you"

But you know at some point 'like' changed for the both of us
and well, we couldn't hold it back any longer.

Tom said he knew he was in love with me LONG before he actually said it.
Swoon central!! ;)

So there in that computer lab we had a VERY serious text convo
that led to those three very important words.

I remember texting Tom that I was dying to tell him
how I really felt but I didn't want to drop those feels until
I saw him in person because that's like really serious stuff.

He reciprocated the same sentiment.
He wanted to wait to tell me in person.

We both wanted the first time we told each other
that we loved each other to be in person.
Makes sense right??

Well we aren't sensible.

So after a few more minute's
Tom say's, and I quote,
"Emily, I think I love you"

My next text was 
wait you think???"


To which he replied that he "knew" he loved me!!

It was so cute, i mean sure it was over text
but give us a break we're 4,000 miles away from each other.
We have never been a 'regular' couple sooooo it worked out for us.

Tom said he was nervously pacing back in forth before he sent that text.
How freaking cute is that?? 
I love that guy so much!! 

So we said our first "I Love You's" via text.
But trust me it was special the first time we said it on skype,
the first time we said it over the phone and then
the first time we said it in person which was right after
he came out of the twirly door at the airport one year ago.

And we did love each other, we do love each other and
the love will continue for years and years and yeaarrrss.

Oh and I also wrote the occasion in my Calendar right after it happened.

Don't you just love my mushy love posts ;)

Hope you guys are having a great week!!

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