Monday, April 22, 2013

The Big One!!!

Today is my big...huge...terrifying business presentation.
If you've ever been a business student or know someone who is,
then you've probably heard of Capsim Business Simulation.
What you do is...
You're given a company, and you have to maintain it.
You have to keep it afloat...
Now that the semester is coming to an end,
we have to present our business to our teachers AND to the Dean.
We have a 10 minute presentation...30 minutes of intense Q&A,
and 10 minutes of feedback...
It's always nice to remember that.... this project?????
May 9th May 9th May 9th


  1. Good luck girlie! I know you are going to do awesome. You have a great heart and spirit from what you show here on your blog.

    Love that C.S. Lewis quote...definitely fits in with my current view on life.

    Bonnie Rose | a Compass Rose

    1. Aww thanks Bonnie :) I appreciate that soooo much!!!! :-D
      That quote gets me through a lot of rough times!! ;)