Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Study Abroad!!!!

I knew about study abroad programs way before i even
stepped foot on my universities campus.
And yet i told myself multiple times that i would NEVER go on one.
Why was i so closed minded?? I'm not really sure.
I think it was a fear of the unknown.
I had a hard enough time settling into College without having to
think about doing it 4,000 miles away from home.
The more comfortable i got in school, the more i got curious about the programs.
I was still telling myself that it would never happen.
I was completely ready to stick to the status quo of how things were going.
Then something changed.
One day in Chapel I heard from a group of students who had studied abroad.
It literally changed my mind instantly. I knew that it was something i needed to look into.
I then told myself to wait for a i don't normally rely on signs.
But when you ask for a sign and are given one in the same should probably listen up!
The same day i asked for that sign, there was a Chapel announcement about Paris.
It consisted of Blynn standing up in front of everyone and telling us
10 reasons to study abroad in Paris in the Spring.
He said things like the Eiffel Tower and Crepes...and then he said discount.
That's when my ears perked up and i really started listening.
The discount was $1789...the trip would be discounted by that amount.
That amount is actually the year the French Revolution began...
clever, i know!!
Right after we were dismissed from Chapel i called my dad.
I asked him if it would be ok for me to look into this a little bit more.
He said yes, thank goodness!!
So i went to a meeting...that meeting led to an application..
that application led to a lot of other meetings...
and then on February 1st I landed in Paris, France.
It should be known that i signed up to go to Paris in October of 2011,
and was in Paris in February of 2012.
It was a whirlwind!
We're getting close to the Year anniversary of when we left Europe
and our trip was officially over.
This time last year i was sleeping in a hostel in Scotland.
Studying abroad means different things to different people.
To me it meant adventure, and an eye opening experience
to what is out there in this amazing world!
I'd do it all over again if i could...
Oh wait, i might get to!! ;)
If you get the opportunity to study abroad, TAKE IT!!!
It's such an amazing experience that you will hold dear to your heart for the rest of your life!

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