Thursday, April 18, 2013

Springy spring-time!!!

Spring is officially here!!!
I know this because it's supposed to be 90 degrees in Texas this week...
Ok so that's more like summer weather, but i don't hear anyone complaining!!
The cold has moved it's way out and the warm sun-shiny-ness is here to stay!
I always end up in quite the pickle around this time of the year.
My winter clothes are no longer acceptable, and my spring clothes
from the previous spring are a little worn&torn.
Sooooo basically, i need to do some shopping,
and i've found quite a few peices that i'd love to see in my closet this spring!

 Images found here:
Basically i would love to have all of this in my ;)
If only the things you pinned magically appeared in your wardrobe!!!
That would be the life ;)

Also I just purchased some 5'' Chino shorts from J.Crew for $20.00
Yeeeessssssss please!!!
AND they're bright red, which i loovvvee!!!
Super excited about them if you can't tell...i just love a sale!!!


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