Thursday, April 25, 2013

100 followers and the GFC crash!!

I love this little blog of mine.
My goal in the first year of blogging was to reach 100 followers.
I mean i get excited when people are excited about my blog.
Nothing wrong with that.

So i currently have 86 followers Via GFC
and 21 Via Bloglovin.
Which totals 107!!!!!!
I reached over 100 followers
in my first three and a half months blogging!!
I like to call that sweet success.

Apparently GFC is going kaput :(
Which is sad because that's a way a lot of blogs
are able to show their following.

Sooooo my plea to you is this...
if you like my blog enough to follow it
please consider following me on bloglovin...
It's super easy and you can actually connect through Facebook or email.
Which you may actually like more than google friend connect!
I really really hope you like my blog enough to keep up with me :)

you can follow me here :)
Follow on Bloglovin

Have a great thursday!!!


  1. You should get your blog on Canopi too. I have a big link on it on my blog. I've gotten a lot of new readers from there. Congrats on getting to 100! I just reached that last month too on BlogLovin. Strange since i'm so use to just having family members read my blog, and I've had it since 2005. ;) On to bigger audiences we go. :)

    Bonnie Rose | A Compass Rose

    1. Oh awesome, i'll look into that!!! Yea it's pretty exciting having a inviting people to stalk you haha but it's fun sooooo it works ;)

  2. Google reader is going away but google friend connect is "supposed" to survive the initial google products cull. That's not to say that they won't get rid of it in the future though. So don't stress about it too much! :) COngratulations on reaching over 100! xx

    1. Yea i've heard it's "supposed" to be around a while longer but could potentially just collapse ;) haha Anyways thanks, it's been a awesome ride so far, the blog world is amazing!! :)

    2. Since Google just implemented Google Plus Commenting on Blogger, it does seem like they'll be on the path to phasing GFC out. :(

  3. Congratulations on 100+ followers! And in 3.5 months... what a great achievement.

  4. Yay for you! I was excited about my 3! Glad I could help. :)