Monday, April 29, 2013

My rectangle boyfriend

When Tom and I started writing was last December.
The rules were simple, must be handwritten, must draw something and there must be a trinket.
5 months later i have a box full of letters, drawings and trinkets.
It's so much fun to write letters back and forth with Tom.

From day 1 my drawing has always been Tom in the shape of a long rectangle,
and myself in the shape of a smaller triangle.
Why are we shapes?? I have no idea, i just like this better than stick figures.
I'm not an artist, this is the best i can do ;) 

One thing about these pictures is i've always drawn a little red bow in my hair.
Tom even started drawing us in the same way...
still giving me my little red bow in my hair. 

This is my most recent letter, i haven't sent it yet soooo i had to blur out the words ;)
Well....i probably would have blurred the words anyways haha

I've had to do a lot of thinking about picking Tom up at the airport...
You know girly what will i wear, stuff like that!!
I've been online shopping for the perfect airport outfit for the past 2 weeks.
sounds silly...i know, but this is serious business...
I mean i know Tom will just be happy to see me, but i want to look nice.
I can happily say i've found the perfect outfit, and it's red, just like my bow.
Which is what i was trying to do...get something to match the red bow that will be in my hair :)
Come cute is that!!!!

I'm so excited!!!
Only 50 more days to wait.

I'm now going to leave you with some of the sweetest words spoken by Tom.
This was after we skyped on Saturday, right before he went to bed.
I apologize in advance if this embarrasses you Tom ;)

"Well I need to tear myself away now for some dang sleep,
I really enjoyed our skate tonight, it was just perfect as always.
I know i stared at you a lot, but I seriously think you're the most beautiful girl
i've ever seen, i really do and i can't wait to see you again"

Mmkaaayyy....Someone needs to resuscitate me ;)

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