Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Summer Essentials {Sandals}!!

Ok, so i've found the PERFECT summer sandal.
Please, once you've read this go out and buy them before they are gone.
They are from Target and are a Whopping $16.00...
Yeeeeaaaaaa, hop on this sandal train while it's in the station!!!

They are seriously THE MOST comfortable target sandals ever!!
I normally wear an 8.5 but i got the 8 and it fits perfectly!!

Also, a shout out to Sarah Tucker who led me to these gems!!
My feeties are going to be so happy and fun this summer!
I actually think this sandal is starting it's own revolution...
I can't even tell you how many blogs i've read that are featuring this shoe!!
get it while you can, or spend more than $100 on the J-crew version ;)


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