Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Backpacking Europe {Part 2} Packing

It's time to continue the Backpacking series!! :) 
If you haven't seen Part 1 then go HERE!
Also if you're looking for places to see and things to eat in Paris, Go HERE! 

This is all information from personal experiences.
It's not right or wrong, just my own opinions! :)

Packing for your backpacking trip...
Now i was packing for a semester abroad.
Which was 3 months so i brought more than a backpack.
I brought a suitcase and a backpack...
A broken suitcase...

Have you ever tried to get from Paris to London
while carrying a broken suitcase????
It's AWFUL!!!

So my advice is this...
Make sure you're bags/suitcases are working properly!!
It will save you so much heartache and looks.
Yea, get looks when your suitcase has 
stopped rolling and you have to start dragging it over the pavement,
and it's making an awful screeching sound.
You get lots of looks...

Overpacking is easy to do but also SO preventable.
First of all, know your climate..
OR you could end up in −20 degree weather
without proper winter weather clothing.
Which is miserable!! 

And realize that if you're staying a month or two,
it can, and will change so bring stuff for two seasons,
I like to call these two seasons Cold and Warm ;)

If you're traveling when it's cold,
I would suggest bringing some type of warm leggings and jeans,
long sleeve basic tops, gloves, scarves, hats!
Anything that you can layer is best.
Bring a jacket, like a columbia or north face.
They go with everything and are warm and you can layer under them.

If you're traveling when it's warmer,
Bring basic t's and jeans or shorts or skirts or dresses, or all of the above.
Dresses and skirts pack nicely if they are simple dresses that just fold up easily.
Bring clothes that don't wrinkle easily. 

Walking shoes are a must as you'll be walking a lot.
I would suggest sperry's or nice comfy sandals if it's warm enough.
Flip flops aren't really popular in Europe so i'd steer clear of those. 

The backpack I would suggest can be found HERE!
It's the perfect size to fit about two weeks of clothes in.
PLUS I never had any issues with it fitting in the overhead
compartments on european discount airlines like Easy Jet and Ryan Air.
They are SUPER picky about overhead bag sizes and mine was never a problem.
Which saved me a lot of money.

Well that does it for the packing part.
I'll be back again soon with Part 3.
Hope this helps those of you interested in backpacking!!


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