Thursday, May 2, 2013

I have a problem {online shopping}

Ohhhh boutiques, how i love thee!!!
These cute little clothing stores are starting to pop 
up here and there, especially in College towns.

I just recently found a boutique in my own College town,
which is super exciting, considering we have ZERO clothing stores here.

So basically what i'm going to be showing you today
is a few of my absolute favorite boutiques.
Today Tom told me that a few means you're getting two ;)

The Red Dress Boutique is the cutest store, found in Athens, Georgia.
You can visit their site by clicking HERE! 

This boutique has some of the CUTEST clothes, i can spend hours on this site.
Check their sales and specials, get on their email list...
You might become a tad this is your warning!!

Next up is....

I recently Found Sosie, I have already bought 2 shirts and a dress from them.
They have some of the cutest clothes & really good sales and specials!!
You can visit Sosie by going HERE!

So there you have it.
Those are my two favorite boutiques at the moment.
Obviously i have an online shopping problem...
I'm not mad about it ;)



  1. Cute boutiques! That's funny though, my mom always said "a couple" is two and "a few" is three :)

  2. I have an online shopping problem, too...lately it's been Apricot Lane. And Baby Gap in anticipation of my Godson this summer. Lord help us.

  3. wow those dresses are really pretty! love the colors and styles! so so cute and adorable! keep it up! cool blog!

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