Monday, April 15, 2013

{50} SKYPE DATES!!!!!!

It all started with an awkward 45 minute Skype call.
I remember being really really nervous about it, 
I even made a little agenda of things we could discuss 
just in case we ran out of things to say...

The agenda consisted of jokes and some questions about how he pronounced things.
The call only lasted 45 minutes because I had planned it that way.
I wanted it to be short and sweet because i knew I was going to be awkward!!
I wanted to save him having to look at an overly awkward Emily for another hour.

I honestly wasn't sure how it had gone..I knew i wanted to see him again,
but you never know how the other person is feeling.
Not to worry, obviously we continued to Skype each other.
It was pretty soon after the first one that we both decided there needed to be another one!
Apparently, even though we were both super awkward that first Skype,
we both enjoyed it enough to do it again...and again...and well...again!!

Recently Tom and I decided to count up all of our dates to see how many we had done.
I counted them off and he took a tally, one by one they started adding up.
When i had finally finished going through our Skype history, he counted them.
We were both pretty amazed to see that we had exceeded our expectations.
We have officially had 50 Skype dates.

Some of them have lasted an hour and some have lasted 5 hours.
We've had Skype dates that involved jokes, and magic tricks and ridiculous pictures. 
At one point during these dates he decided it was time to book a flight.
We've become incredibly close during this crazy and amazing adventure.

I can't wait for him to get here, i can't wait for people to meet him!!
I can't wait for people to see us together, and to see how we are around each other.
I know it can be hard to understand something that starts online.
I just personally don't find anything wrong with it, and i've been lucky enough to find
this amazing guy who totally gets me and my quirky self.
PLUS he's british, cherry on top my friends!!!

To finish this post off i think a nice little summer Tomily {Tom&Emily} hint is appropriate;
Hint #1 is here
Hint #2 is here 
hint #3 - "Stars and Signs" 

Have a great monday everyone!!!


  1. Oh those hints are great! Sounds like you guys are going to have a brill time this summer! :) 50 Skype Dates...a good movie title staring Tomily. x

    Bonnie Rose | a Compass Rose

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