Friday, September 13, 2013

68 days

In 68 days i'll be hopping on a plane
bound for Liverpool, UK!!!

Me and Tom have been joking about
the fact that we basically both have two homes.
He has a home in America and i have a home in the UK.
Not a bad trade if i do say so myself ;)

68 days until we're back together.
It's funny to look at the countdown pictures
when it was around 60 days till we met for the first time.

And then compare it to the countdown of when we meet again in November.

I think there are two very different people in these photos.
In the first you have two love birds who really want to know each other better.
In the latter photo you have two people who have spent 3 solid weeks in each others company.
While 3 weeks may not seem that long to some people it's about the equivalent of
a normal couple dating for a month in a half.

Because lets face it, when you first start dating you're probably not
spending every waking hour with that person.
But that's what we got to do with each other.

We like to think of our relationship as if we were a normal couple.
So the other day we decided to count up all of the hours we've spent 
either talking/texting/skyping over the last ten months.

We didn't really start texting every minute of every day
until January 31st of this year.
So that's where we decided the serious talking started.

Since January 31st we've spent over 2700 hours in constant chit chat with each other.
that consists of about 10 hours a day for over 200 days.

And when i say we talk 10 hours a day that means
we really talk consistently for 10 hours during the day.
From sun-up to sun-down we're talking...
Which sun-up to his sun-down ;)

We figured out that if you divided the number of hours we talk 
by the number of hours we are awake during the day...we've spent about 160 days together.

Which means in the real world of dating
we've spent a little more than 5 months in constant contact.

So if we were a normal couple, and we were dating regularly
then we would have spent 5.3 months physically together 
out of the 10 months we've known each other.
That's like spending the whole day with someone every other day of the week.

Did we get a little carried away by the math?

But i struggle when people downplay the time we've spent together.
Yes we've only been in each others company for three weeks.
But that shouldn't be the estimate of how well we know each other.
because it's not the estimate of how well we know each other.
It's just a number, like all of the other numbers i've thrown at you in this post.

We're taking this more seriously than just numbers.
As much as i love counting the days we've spent together
I know that it does not define our relationship in the slightest.

We've spent almost an entire year in constant communication.
Which is more than some people who have dated the same amount of time can say.

I'm happy with how we're doing after 10 months.
And i'm SO excited to see where this goes when we get to 
spend more time together next year!! :)



  1. Hey, you're not the only one calculating the hours you've spent with a significant other ;)

    And I know it's got nothing to do with me, but I'm so excited for you two!

    1. haha i'm glad i'm not the only one ;)
      Aww you're soooo sweet!! It means the world to me that I have so much support :)

  2. what an exciting time of adventure for you two! all the best!

  3. Yay! Its getting so close!!

    I wanted to tell you that I mentioned you in one of my blog posts and I was wondering if you ever do button swaps. :)

    Amanda @ Happily Ever After

    1. It is getting closer and closer, i'm so excited!!!

      Oh girl thank you, that's awesome, and yes I would love to swap ads as soon as I get some new ones made i'll let you know :)

    2. Great! I have a button swap page with my button, and on my contact page I have my email. :)

  4. So excited for you! You guys are the cutest! Xoxo