Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Graduation T-Minus 81 days

I have been in school every year since 1995.
It's now 2013 and i'm about to be released like
a newly hatched chick into the "big girl world"
I just looked over my degree evaluation.
And I read the words Overall Program requirements "MET"
MET...holy moly...you mean I did it ALL???
When you're a little freshman taking 12 hours
your first semester the idea of graduating with 128 hours
under your belt seems a little out of reach.
Yet, here I am with 132 hours under my belt..
Over achiever...yea ;)
I'm starting to feel really sappy and sentimental
toward my college experience.
That lump is forming in my throat as I write this
because I know that in December my life is changing forever.
I will no longer be a student at this amazing
university that I have called home for the past four years.
Ok, so freshman year I drove home to Texas every weekend...
Because I hated this place with a passion.
That was until I looked for other schools and
realized that they were all dull in comparison.
I had found my little home whether I liked it or not.
And I did soon grow to like it as I made my best friends,
traveled the world and learned to live life as it comes.
4 years have flown by.
I'm going to miss this place.
But I still have a few more months to soak it
in before I have to leave...or I guess I don't have to leave
but I probably should ;)
I know my family is thinking..
Wow, this crazy girl has changed so much in 4 years ;)


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