Monday, September 23, 2013

Love List

1. I love blogging, in fact this is my 200th post.
Not a bad way to come back from a little blogger break.

2. I love Fall, and the first day of Fall was yesterday.
I am SO excited for crisp cool air and big comfy sweaters and boots.

This image is my inspiration for this fall.

Via Pinterest

I'm also loving the idea of dressing up sweaters with semi chunky necklaces.
I found this one on Very Jane for about $6.00,
and i can't wait to pair it with my pretty old navy grey sweater.

3. I love rain! We finally got a full day of amazing rain
this past Friday and it was incredibly needed.
PLUS i got to test out my new hunter wellies :)
I am so in love with them, they are comfy and stylish
and they come up far enough that i can hop in any water
puddle and still stay dry :)

4. I love get togethers with my HIP group.
We had 9 students go to Paris when i went in 2012 and
a few of us still come together on a weekly basis.
We have such a good group dynamic to this day so its
such a blessing to still have my wonderful group around me.
On sunday nights we go over to our group parents house for dinner
and the Amazing race which starts up again next week.
Our group parents are more than just parents, we're all really good friends
and so to go over every sunday night for food and a fun travel show is the best.
PLUS now we're bringing brackets into the mix which is really exciting.

5. I love the 50's.
No not the decade but the number of days till England!!!
We're officially in the 50's on our countdown to a Thanksgiving in England.
58 days to be precise and it's just SO exciting!!!
I can't wait to see Tom and meet his family.

6. I love the number 175.
That's the number of Skype dates I've had with Tom.
I remember counting the first couple of skypes or {skates}
on the blog back in January of this year.
So to be at 175 is pretty crazy...
especially since i never thought anything of Skype before this year.
Now i've used it almost 200 times :)

7. I love you people.
You people = Family, Friends, blog readers, all of you!
Because i was having a pretty crummy week last week.
Well it was a crummy tuesday - wednesday ;)
But i did need to take a little time away to just be.
You're all incredible people who i am blessed to have in my life.

Thank you for being amazing.

8. And I love Tom.
haha ok ok you all knew it was coming.'s something you might not have expected to hear...
We're not perfect, far from it actually.
I know i make it sound like i have this fairytale romance happening
right under my nose and well...I's true.

But just because it's fairytale doesn't mean it's always perfect.
And i know Tom won't mind me putting that out there because it's true.
Not only for us but for all couples out there.

We're just really really good at staying positive when the going gets tough.
Like....strangely good considering we've never been this deep with someone before.
I think...I know that is because we truly and genuinely love each other.

We're working on some things right now and it's been a little tough
but if i know one thing its that this incredible guy that i have in my life
is the most amazing person that i have ever met.
And i am SO happy to be on this journey with him!!

And that concludes my love list.

Have a great Monday :)

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  1. Ugh, fall sweaters are my jam. I wish we had more opportunity to dress for fall weather in Florida. Sigh...I will have to live vicariously through you.

    And, girl you so got it...relationships are SO tough. There's no doubt about it. I mean you love this person so much that everything is just like ijfajfiu4uow23kl all the time so when you fight it's intense, when you love it's intense and everything in between in intense and difficult. It's normal and natural and frustrating just like life. Keep your chin up and know that everything will work itself out! No relationship is a fairytale romance, no matter how much it looks like it on social media ;) Let me know if you need to talk things always helps! xoxo