Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fifty-Five Days & Paris

Only 55 days till i get to see this guy :)
I am so so so excited to fly over in November.
But it's so weird to think that i'll be back over on 
that side of the pond again.

When i got home from Paris i thought that 
would be the last time i would be over there for a long time.
And now less than 2 years later i'm headed back over.
And I get to scope out Liverpool, the town I might
be living in for a few months next year :) :) :)

I'm SO excited...
Did i already say that??
Oh, i did...
well...i am ;)


In other news
i'll be buying french treats and making
a French flag garland for the booth
i'll be working tomorrow...
Trying to get more people to go to Paris..
It really shouldn't be this hard to get people to go 
to the most beautiful city in the world.
I hope we get some more people tomorrow..
We shall see :)

Hope y'all have a great thursday.


  1. You. This blog. It's all so perfect. I have a slightly similar story to you. I met an English boy last summer while we were both working at summer camps in Maine. I fell hard for him, but alas I met him about 5 days before I was set to head home. I am planning a backpacking trip for next summer and I intend to see him as much as I can. You and Tom are adorable. Beautiful, really.

    1. Aww you are just too sweet :) Thank you!! I love coming across people with similar stories, I might possibly be over there next summer, you should email me and we could plan something!! :) Hope it goes well for you girl! :)

    2. How do I email you? I would love a new internet friend!