Monday, September 30, 2013

Countdown Update

7 days till 11 months with Tom
30 days till Halloween
36 days till its been 1 YEAR with Tom
51 days till i fly away to England
73 days till graduation
85 days till Christmas...
But not to worry you can already buy all of your
Christmas goodies at Walmart/Target&Hobby Lobby.

So many exciting things coming up.
Especially the whole flying to England part.
I can't believe there is only 50 days left till i'm in the air
and on my way over to see Tom!!!

I'll probably sing "Reunited and it feels soooo gooooood"
When i'm in the air....the whole time...hope you don't sit next to me ;)

Breaking bad....No no i'm not talking about the Finale.
I'm the girl who just started watching it because she was jealous
of all of the people who were having life changing TV watching moments.
Soooo I'm watching it now... I'm on Season 2 Episode 3 soooo please don't spoil anything.

I was hooked from the beginning, and now i cant stop.
I'm in marathon mode...

However i can only watch it up till season 5 because
i promised Tom that we'd finish it together once i'm over there.
He's only to like season 3 or 4 so now its a couple thing ;)

Siiggghhh...I'm in such a good mood today!!
OH also, have you heard of Poshmark??? It's an App and you should get it.
It's like a mobile device garage sale for and upscale.
But you'll always ALWAYS pay less than you would anywhere else.
I sold some Lilly Pulitzer shorts for $40 :)

So yea, check that out!!
And have a great start to your week!!


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