Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tomily Conversations

If I've learned anything while having a British boyfriend
it's that as cute as the accent is it's sometimes really hard to understand.
Especially for a girl born and raised in the most 
southern state of America, good ole Texas.

It's words like these that make us stop and
discuss the way we say them....or in Toms opinion
the correct way HE says them ;)
Pita {we say pee-tah, he says Pit-ta}
Urinal {We say Urine-al he says Ur-I-nal}
Half {we say {haylf and he says Hall-f}
Semi {we say sem-I he says sem-ee}
Banana {we say Baan-aan-aa and he says Bun-ana}
Tomato { we say tuh-may-toe and he says toe-mah-toe
Duet { we say due-et and he says dew-et}
Tuna {we say tue-nah he says teeeewwww-nah}

First of all why did we ever talk about urinals...

Anyways he even told me that my family says my sisters name wrong.
Apparently we say it so wrong that it drove him crazy ;)
Her name is Megan
We say May-gen
He says it should be Meg-an
Which kind of makes sense...ok ok props to Tom.
He said even Megan says her own name wrong haha
Southern people problems ;)

Then he introduced the term fort night to me...
And that's when this conversations occurred.
T- Do you know what a fort night is?
E. hmm like i'm going to make a fort tonight?
T - No it's a length of time
E - what does that even mean, i don't understand that...
T - It's OK babe you're just...{jumbled British words}
E - I'm what?? What did you say Tom...
T - you're beautiful.....ok i said you're blonde but i also 
said you're beautiful....bare that in mind.
I shouldn't have told him i'm a natural blonde ;) 

Hope you're having a good day despite the Govt. Shutdown.
-Emily :)

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  1. Today I had to stifle a giggle at a meeting because I love the way buffet is pronounced here (boo-fay) and it was said about 20 times in 2 minutes in discussion.