Wednesday, September 4, 2013

It's my BIRTHDAY!!

So here I sit as a twenty three year old.
yippeee :) :) :)

Fun story about my birth.
My mom was in labor on Labor Day in 1990.
I mean obviously Labor Day doesn't mean actual labor...but it's still humorous.
That's what i used as my interesting fact all through my school days.
Kids thought I was so cool and fun.
I don't really blame them ;)

I always enjoy revisiting my childhood when i think about my birthday.
It's just fun to see the kinds of things i cared about when
i was a little baby Emily.

Things like stuffing my face with cake...That hasn't changed ;)
Also i look a little terrifying...thank you mom and dad for getting that under control.

 I get overly excited about presents..

More proof of over excitement...i still rip into them like shame!!

More present excitement...I was adorable..ahem..still am...
Pretty sure that is a 90's barbie...AKA the best ones...

A Pocahontas themed party...yes please...let's bring this back!!!

Cheesin so hard!! I was such a 90's child ;)
I wish i still had those polka dot shorts.......sigh

It's so fun to look back and see yourself as just a little kid loving life with no worries.
I should add that I also share my birthday with my Aunt Julie and cousin Shawn.
So happy birthday to you guys as well!!

And Happy Birthday to anyone who shares this super magical day ;)

I've always loved my birthday.
And i LOVE the idea of a surprise party...
I have been known to try to plan surprise parties for myself,
a few months before my birthday i'll hint that i want a surprise party
in hopes that someone will actually throw me one...
Or tell my mom about it and make it seem like it was her idea ;)
It's never actually worked but i think one day i will succeed.
I just really want a surprise party ok!! ;)

I honestly think 23 is going to be the BEST year ever.
And 22 was pretty magical so 23 has a lot to live up to but i'm sure it will.
There are so many exciting things coming up in the next year.
I'm so happy to start this new year with new adventures!

ALSO...Yesterday I received a little Birthday Box in the mail.
It's from Tom and i'm DYING to open it!!

I told him i'd wait till my birthday but when it came in the mail I
tried to get him to give me permission to open it early but he said to wait...
Because it's going to be more magical on my birthday ;)
So i'm waiting...i'll open it Today when i Skype with him.
I can't wait to see what he got me, and of course i'll share it with y'all tomorrow!!
Or just follow me on Instagram and i'll probably post pics of it!!
Insta - emily_hopefulwandering

He called me yesterday when it turned Midnight in Liverpool.
It was officially my birthday over there so he called me and sang Happy Birthday to me ;)
I can't even handle the sweetness!!!

It's going to be such a great day!!
I hope you all have great day as well :)



  1. Yay! Happy Birthday! Your baby photos are adorable :)

    1. haha Thank you so much Vivienne :) You're so sweet!! :)


    Today is my boyfriend's birthday, too. :)

  3. Hope you have a wonderful birthday! :)