Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Fancy Tassel Birthday Princess

Yesterday was day one of my Birthweek Celebration
and it was an awesome awesome day!!!

Reason number one that is was awesome.
I got my TASSELS in the mail from The Flair Exchange!!!!

I went to the mail people and they gave me my Box.
When i opened my box I found another box...A crisp white box.
One of my most favorite things in the whole world is getting a white box 
with a ribbon tied around it, it makes me feel so fancy.

And this box was also accompanied by this fun print
"It's not a party until you're throwing confetti"
Frame worthy??? I think so!!

Then i opened it and saw this magical scene...So much Tassel goodness.

And then i hung them and squealed at how pretty this garland is.
I'm addicted, i want one in every room of the apartment.
They are SO much fun!!

And they're not just for parties, i've hung mine on my 
wall above my bed and desk and it looks amazing!

The fact that this beauty arrived on my birthweek was pure coincidence.
It has definitely added to the festiveness!! 

If you are interested in getting your hands on your
own tassel garland then just go here, it will lead you to Carmen Taylor's Etsy Shop
<<The Flair Exchange>>

DO IT...i mean do it if you wanna...but really you know you wanna...

To add to the birthweek festivities I treated myself to
a strawberry smoothie at Starbucks...I didn't even know they had smoothies.
It was delicious, especially since i paired it with a Lemon Pound Cake.
I mean i was in Birthweek Heaven!!

Then i got back to the Apartment and got to Skype this
handsome brit for a few hours.

We were planning the November trip.
Mostly researched some places to eat.

OH ANNDD we found the perfect spot to have my very first afternoon tea.
It's really romantical and magical and and...i'm so excited.

We are getting a 3 tiered dessert tray with homemade scones
baked cakes, macaroons, biscuits, french fancies and pastries...
I might die of happiness while we're there!!
Did i mention it's on the 34th floor of liverpools tallest building
overlooking the town...girly siiigghhhhh!!!
I can't wait!!

Y'all have a great tuesday!! :)


  1. Those tassels are seriously gorgeous! xx

    1. Aren't they!!! I just keep staring at them ;) haha

  2. Where are you guys getting tea? I'm super jealous that you get to visit London for Thanksgiving. Take me in your suitcase please? :-p

    1. Haha well I'll actually be in Liverpool for the week ;) were going to this place called panoramic 34...it's super fancy shmancy :) I'm really excited haha
      I'd take you..just have to get past the pesky TSA haha

  3. So beautiful! I'd love to make some for my birthday!

    1. You should, I wonder how hard they'd be to make...