Monday, September 2, 2013


Is this real life??
Am i really turning 23 on wednesday??
When did that happen??

I still feel like an awkward 12 year old
trying to navigate the mall by myself 
without tripping or running into people...

Or a 5 year old getting crazy excited over her new crayola stencil kit...

Have you ever compared your life to a celebrity??
I personally compare myself to Taylor Swift
because we're around the same age...

And i can be like oh hey taylor thats awesome
that you've made millions of dollars before you were 25.
You're like so talented....

I mean i made a PB&J for dinner tonight and then
made $7.50 an hour while working in my schools computer lab...
I mean try not to be jealous taylor but we obviously know i'm superior here...

But really i'm actually really proud of myself and where i am today.
I'm about to graduate with my Bachelors in Business Management.
I'll be spending the beginning of next year in Europe.
I'm dating a really really really hot british guy.
I get soooo much tomily time this coming year :)
It makes me so so happy!!!

I've even got some business plans in my brain.
You know like long term start your own business goals.
Lot's of ideas spinning around in my head at the moment.
So life is in a pretty great place.
I'm very excited for 23.
I think it's going to be the best year yet!

Oh also here's a random side note that has nothing to do with my birth...
I went and saw the one direction movie this weekend..
And it was the best decision ever!! I'm a total fan girl now and the best part is...
Tom thinks its so great!! 

hahaha i'm lucky he loves me ;)
I'm pretty sure he also promised to take me to a 1D concert in the future.
He said he needs to go to protect me from the crazy fan girls...
Little does he know...i'm one of them ;)

Y'all have a great week!!
-Emily {aka the birthday girl}

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  1. Have a great Birthday Week Em!

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