Friday, August 30, 2013

The Paris Project

Yesterday I made a very successful
Chapel announcement in front of my peers.
You know the one I thought i'd throw up during...
Well good news, I didn't puke...yeaa go me!!
It actually went SO well.
I made a little joke in the middle of the announcement
and it was followed by audible chuckles from the audience ;)
They loved me!!
Oh and want to know something sweet.
That boyfriend of mine, the one who lives in England...
he sat down and watched me give my announcement on the
live Chapel stream our school offers online.
He's the best :) :) :)
The announcement was only the beginning.
After showing the video and giving the announcemnt
I just had to kind of play the waiting game.
I wasn't sure if I had reached out to anyone
who would be interested in studying abroad in Paris.
So when 4:00 rolled around I went to the room where the meeting was to be held.
And right after I walked in about 20 students all shuffled in to hear more about this trip.
The best part...i thought i'd only have 3 people show up.
That's what happened at my last meeting attempt.
But then 20 came in...
Granted i'm not sure they all were ready to sign up
but the fact that they came for information gives me hope for this program.
I'm just so happy it went well
and I hope to be announcing more additions
to our HIP group as soon as possible!! :)
I'm one step closer to Paris...crossing my fingers people sign up :)
Have a great weekend

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  1. So happy for your sweet Emily! You won them over with that infectious personality! x