Thursday, August 29, 2013

Liverpool in November :) :)

I like counting down to big occasions.
For example:
My 23rd birthday is in 6 days
Our 10 months of Tomily anniversary is in 8 days
Our 11 month anniversary is in 38 days
Halloween is in 63 days
our YEAR anniversary is in 68 days
I leave for LIVERPOOL in 85 days
I graduate in 107 days
& Christmas is in 118 days 

That's a lot of dates to be excited about.
But i want to focus on one very special day.
November 21st, the day i fly over to see Tom ;)

It still hasn't really sunk in yet that i'll be leaving the country in November.
I think i'll start to feel its arrival around October.
But for now it's so far in the future that it almost doesn't seem real.
Thank goodness it is real...I just can't wait to be reunited with my stud crumpet ;)

So i've compiled a list of things i'm most excited to revisit once i'm back over in England.

So lets get started..
1. I'm VERY VERY VERY excited to be reunited with my babeee!!


For those of you who don't know's basically the most magical store ever.
It's a clothing store on the cheap cheap cheap and i've basically decided to bring a half empty
suitcase just so i can fill it up with cheap primark goodies...
I'm also taking orders...if you live in America and we're good friends and
you'd like some cheap apparel...just let me know ;)
I'll find a way to get something back to you!!
And Tom already promised to take me here's a done deal!!

3. I can't wait to eat some Wagamama!!!

Wagamama is a Japenese restaurant/noodle bar and it's delish!!
Tom has never been here and they have one in Liverpool and my heart is so happy!!
I'm going to take him on a date here...can i do that??
Take him on a date in his own city??

4. Go to Marks & Spencer

I feel like Marks & Spencer is like the British version of Target.
But a little fancier than Target...
Hard to imagine..i know..

I don't know why i can't wait to go here...i think it's mostly because
we went here for all of our grocery shopping while in the UK
and i grew to love M&S!!

It's so exciting to think about revisiting all of these fun
places that i went to a year and a half ago.

It's more exciting now because i get to go and explore these places
with Tom, and i'm just not sure he's ready for how American
i'm going to be when we're in these places.

I'm already giddy just thinking about it...
Once he gets me in Primark he's going to have to keep one hand on me
at all times or there's no telling where i'll end up.
Probably digging my way into a clearance bucket...

I'm just really excited about it, i know i know it's like 80 days away
but i remember a time when Toms arrival was 80 days away
and time flew by until he was finally here!!
 I'll be in Liverpool with Tom before i know it.

Ohhhhh....this is also a fun/cute/adorable/perfect story....
A few days ago i bought some printable quotes, you know
the fancy ones you can frame and hang on your walls...
Well i bought some and one of the ones i bought
was a Jane Austen quote...
You know...the one Mr. Darcy says to Elizabeth..

"You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you"

Yea so I got Tom to say that to me and i almost passed out.
Not kidding...almost hit the floor out of pure swoon!!
His british voice...this quote...I mean sorry i swoon so hard for him, but i do!!
He's going to laugh when he reads this...
And maybe he'll realize the effect it had on me and will
just randomly start quoting Mr. Darcy quotes...the nice ones ;)
I mean it's ok if you want to do this Tom..
No one's stopping you ;)

-Emily ;)


  1. I feel like in y'all's next vlog, you should make him quote that so we can all swoon with you.

    1. I agree with you, Belle! Please have him say it in the next vlog haha

    2. Hahaha Belle&Katie, I will do my best to get this to happen...i plan to make him say it at least once a day sooo chances are we will get it in there ;)

  2. Time will fly; you'll be in Liverpool after what seems like a couple of weeks :)

    Also, Pride And Prejudice is one of my favourite books! And Mr.Darcy... who doesn't have a crush on Mr.Darcy ;) My favourite screen-adaptation is the 1996 BBC series in the same name. You should see it if you haven't :)

    1. Yes, time will fly, in fact it already is haha i'll be there soon :)

      I have seen that version, it's fabulous!! I'm a sucker for most things Jane Austen ;)