Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Stone Age

So I haven't posted anything for the past two days because the Internet has been down for the past 48 hours at my beloved university. When will this problem be solved?? Who knows... 

I'm using my blogger app on my iPhone to write this and it's all being powered by dad, if I go over this month on my data usage then you can blame my university ;) 

It's a funny thing to lose Internet, you kind of realize you don't know how to live without it, especially when you're on a college campus and everything is done through an online medium. It's sad that we rely so heavily on it...Hopefully it comes back on today!! 

I've been hard at work on promoting Paris over the last couple of days :) 
I've given speeches, I've made flyers, and I've drawn Eiffel towers in chalk with the help of my two besties. 


ALSO my birthday is a week from today!!! Next Wednesday i will wake up a 23 year old!! That's so crazy, I'm not sure how I feel about it ;) I feel like I'm creeping into adult territory. 

In other news I've taken up tennis. Sam, my best friend, decided to start playing so I've gone with her and our friend clay to play. It's turning out to be so much fun and such a good workout!! 

Anyways that's all I have for now...

I'll be back soon with a post about the things I'm most excited to do and see when I go visit Tom in November :) 

Y'all have a great day!! 

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