Monday, August 26, 2013

Public speaking makes me want to vom!!

Vom is obviously another word for vomit but
no one actually likes saying vomit so i'm saying vom.

well this blog post is off to a good start...

This thursday i have to make an announcement in Chapel.
In front of like....a few thousand students.
What's even better is...
I have to give the announcement twice...
because we have two Chapels...
vom vom vom

No one likes to hear about vomming so here's a pretty
picture of Paris to take your mind off of it ;)

    I just finished the video that i'm going to be showing
and it's really really good.

I mean i don't like to brag but if i did
then i'd say how spectacular it is...

I mean i've spent like 20 hours creating it sooooo
really it should be pretty amazing!!
Which it is...ahem..
Here's the lowdown on how this Paris thing is going.

Now i'm not one to be pessimistic...and i'm really not trying to be
BUT...I have 7 students signed up and i need 12 more
I need at least 19 students signed up for this trip
Spring of 2012 we only had 9 students go...yeeaaa
And the first Paris meeting for the group going is tomorrow

I have till about October to recruit people.
And i'm going to do everything in my power to do so.

I guess i'm just lucky that if this doesn't work out
that i have a boyfriend who already promised to take me back 
to Paris when i'm over there next year ;)
Lucky lady over here!!
But still i want this to work.

It's because i know how beautiful and amazing Paris is!!
I want other people to experience it for themselves.
I want to inspire these students to take trips like this
that can and will change their lives...
{I think i might use that line in my speech}

So we're just going to see how this goes.
Keep me in your thoughts and prayers because i don't want
to be that girl that voms all over the stage...

Have a good monday HW readers!! 


  1. Speaking in front of a crowd makes me really nervous...even if I don't feel like it. My mind will be ready, but my body gives me away :P It's a strange combination.

  2. You'll be great! Good luck :) I'm always nervous before I start speaking, but then once I start, it usually goes well. But it is scary!

    I'm going to Paris in December for the first time. I'M SO EXCITED!! I read your post about where to go in Paris...thank you! Let me know of anywhere else to go there! I appreciate all of the help.

    xoxo Chelsea