Thursday, September 5, 2013

Birthweek 2.0 {Birthday box from Tom & Going home}

Yesterday was amazing, simply amazing!
Such a great way to start out my 23rd year of life.

Started out with a few classes but after class was done my day took off.
I finally, FINALLY got to open my birthday box from Tom.
It blows my mind at how thoughtful Tom is.

Tom put a lot of thought into my present.
You can tell by the way he wrapped it ;)
It was like one big ball of tape and padding...
he's very thorough with his box protection methods.

I finished one of my classes and headed back to the room for my lunch break.
I sat myself down at the computer and we began to Skype each other.

We were both being pretty sassy...anyways...
I pulled my box over and started tearing that bad boy apart ;)
I had been waiting ever so patiently since yesterday
to get into this little birthday box so i wasnt being gentle...

The box that everything was placed in was a cute decorative box.
I opened it up and found 3 Letters on top.

Two of the letters were just our regular letters
and one of them was my Birthday Letter...
That one told me about all of the fun things inside the box.
I was told to wait till the end to read them so i did.

I kept going and found my Birthday card.
I was kind of just expecting a mushy hallmark card
but when i opened the envelope up i found a personalized card
that had our pictures on the front of it and a sweet message on the inside.
It was so so sweet!!!

I also found something else in the card...
He knows me soooo well ;)

He said he's going to take me shopping 
when i get over there in November!
If i didn't already love him enough ;)

Keep digging through the present and i find Chocolate.
Which is in fact the way to my heart.
I love me some good chocolate.
And he sent some of the best!!

Keep digging and i find a little book.
It's a travel book for Liverpool.
Which is completely needed since i'll be there soon.
So now i can research the places i want to see while i'm there.

It was all so incredible.
Tom makes my heart so happy.
And he knows me so well!
He did so good ;)

I even took a little InstaVid while opening the box...

So much goodness in one box :) :) :)

After skyping away with Tom all day I finished the day going
out to dinner with Sam and Jess, my best friends and roommates.
They took me to Brickoven for some Pizza/Pasta yumminess!!

That was followed by our wednesday night Devo.
And then i went out with another set of friends Lauren and Parker 
who bought me some Birthday Dessert.

I mean i was super spoiled yesterday and i'm ok with that ;)
I'm driving home to Texas today for a Birthday weekend with the Fam.
So the festivities are far from over!!!

I'm soaking up this Birthweek for as long as i can ;)

Y'all have a great day!!

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  1. Your present from Tom is so sweet! And I love the card he made you.

    P.S. You need to step it up! I spend the whole month celebrating my birthday. You should too!