Monday, September 9, 2013

CHEAP {framed prints}

This image above is probably one of my most favorite 
pinterest images of all time!!!

I love everything about it from the gorgeous couch 
to the "everyday i'm hustling" pillow, to the gorgeous prints on the wall.

I've always been so envious of people and their prints.
Of their crisp walls with funny, quirky or inspiring prints hanging at random.
It's been a mission of mine for a while to collect lots of prints
so that i can make myself my very own print wall.

The problem...
It's SO expensive...
Or so i thought.

Etsy is my best friend
I shop with her all the time
so naturally i started looking at prints.

I was seeing prints anywhere between $12.99 and $45.00
some had frames and some were just the print.

I didn't want to spend that much on them,
i gave myself a limit of $7.00 per print.
And through the magic of Etsy i was able to weed
out the prints that were too pricey and find ones in my price range.
That's when i came across Printable Wisdom

Before you click on the link you might want 
to get some sort of payment ready...
Just saying...because it's amazing!!

$5.00 for a downloadable print that you print out 
yourself and then put into your own frame.

And so much cheaper than buying the expensive frames
with the expensive card stock print.

I mean of course if you really want card stock you can 
always print it onto your own ;) 

Then you find some cheap but chic frames
at places like goodwill or hobby lobby or heck even walmart
and there you go, you've got your very own start to a print wall.

Here's mine, or at least the beginning of mine.
I think i'll add a few more over time and some little
wall decorations to take up some space as well!!

Most of my frames are goodwill, the center one is Walmart.
Spent $15 on 7 frames and $35 on the individual prints.
That's 7 beautiful prints for $35.
That's only $50 for these beauties!!
That's cheap in print world!!

My printer ran out of black ink so i improvised ;)

And here it is in my Apartment at school...
Can you say AMAZING???
I'm so in love with it!!!

Hope this helps some of you that are looking to update a wall on the cheap!



  1. Love it. I've got so many nice prints that I want to frame for my home one day, but it's hard to justify when you've got a long distance boy and they're SO expensive :( This may be a silly question but how do you make sure the prints will fit on your thrift shop frames? Do you just measure them and bring the dimensions along?

  2. Oh i know, it's hard to justify anything in our kind of stinks but i'm saving for bigger and better things ;) Well these prints were all 8X10 and to be honest i didn't do any measuring, i just bought frames and cut the prints down to match...

    *If i was doing thing again..or when i do this again i will be measuring and buying correctly sized frames haha It was a little complicated doing it my way ;)

    1. thanks, I need to do this. My gorgeous national geographic photos are looking quite and sad just stuck on my wall with tack, lol.

  3. Hi Emily! I just found your sweet blog :) It reminded me so much of myself, having been in a long distance relationship for a looong time. Nice to "meet" you. I also liked your meeting people online tips, I think they need to be said more and more now that it's becoming so common to meet someone online first, then in person.

    1. Aww hello Haley, it's always nice to meet other people who have also been long distancers ;) I agree, i think taking internet safety seriously is such a big deal right now, there will probably be more blog posts like that in the future ;) Thanks for coming by, so happy to have you on my little corner of the internet!! :)

  4. Your wall looks amazing! Thanks for adding the link to the affordable print site, I love it. Especially loving the cute Bible verses, they help keep things in perspective. :) I really enjoy your DIY posts, keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks Meg :) And no problem, when i find something good i love sharing it with you :) Thank you so much, i love DIY, especially when its not pricey :)

  5. Thank you so much for your awesome blog post featuring prints from my shop! I LOVE your gallery wall! The "glitter" print looks amazing in that frame!

    Ashley, PrintableWisdom

    1. Aww you are so welcome, your shop is seriously awesome and i'm happy to promote it in any way i can, i want people to get in on these awesome prints :)