Friday, June 14, 2013

Fashion Friday & {Finally a reply blogger}

Y'all...this has been a bumpy road.
I've gotten blog comments out the wazoo that say
"why are you a no reply blogger...we hate no reply bloggers"
ummmm sorry? What does that even mean??

So i looked into it and realized what all the hoopla was about...
I was indeed a No-Reply Blogger, and i'm ashamed of this.

People have sent me tutorials about how to fix it but always 
showed tutorials of blogs connected to blogger.
I'm connect to Google+
{I HATE google+} 

SO...after doing some research of my own,
I found this amazing blogger Sarah...who apparently "SAVED MY BLOGS LIFE!!!"
Thank you Sarah, i am forever in your debt.
Now people can chillaxxxx and email me and stuff ;)
And we can all be best friends!!! :)


Now for a little fashion friday post.

I went to Target the other day, not intending to buy anything..HA! Is that a joke?
I think it's pretty much impossible to go in there and leave with nothing.

I'd probably even buy a small piece of chocolate or a water,
just so i wouldn't have to feel like a defeated Target shopper.

Normally when i shop in Target, I hit up the clothes first.
And you know sometimes Target clothes fail to impress...
and then other times its like you hit the Target jackpot!!

I feel as though i hit that jackpot this week. 

I found these T-shirt dresses, like literally a long stretchy t-shirt.
I got mine in a larger size so it would be a loose fit that i could add a belt to.
PLUS it's in like 10 different colors!!
Then i hit up the scarves and found this patriotic gem!!
Simple, comfy summer outfit.

I've also been a bit obsessed with the tribal print for a while.
I found this tank at Target for $16.00...not to shabby.

Also while in Target, hit up the shoe section.
There are so many cute summer sandals right now.

Have a wonderful weekend
Next time you hear from me...there will be 2 days till TOM gets here!!!
:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)



  1. Love love love the tribal tank! Too cute.

    1. Isn't it the perfect tribal pattern, and the colors are so good too, great for summer :)