Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Lost in the Hollywood Hills

Yesterday was a LONG DAY.
Long in the best way....but still long.
We started out our day eating at this place called The Coffee Bean.
And it was {delish}

After breakfast we loaded up and headed off to find our bus that would
take us from Santa Monica to Hollywood.
This was a bit of a struggle but we made it in the end.

Along the way we took a few photos :)
This one i liked the best....i mean look at us, how cute are we ;)

After a while Hollywood started to bore us a bit.
Well i think it was more that we couldn't walk two feet without being asked 
if we wanted to go clubbing or go on bus tours.

In fact this one woman, an older woman, actually walked with us for a while
and explained to us the importance of her bus tour,
We said no thank you and went on our way....then about 30 seconds later we hear...
and she's chasing after us....
she gave us 50% off her tour bus and we still said no.
Then she gave up on us ;)

We got some yummy lunch 
at the California Pizza Kitchen.

After Lunch we walked around, found Capitol Records
and some other cool buildings.

By this time we were about ready to get out of Hollywood,
so we headed towards the Griffith Observatory.
You know...the big white observatory in the Hollywood Hills.
All the way at the top of the hills to be precise which is 
why we hunted down a Taxi to do our bidding.

Let me just say that the Observatory is AMAZING!!!
It was only $7 for one of the coolest planetarium shows i've ever seen.
Like i'll have dreams about how good it was ;)
We had a blast here but soon it was time to go...

But there is a problem...
We took a taxi to the how do we get down??
Well hike of course...Ok not that's true
we had to hike down the hill.

When the guy gave us instructions on where to go...we thought we had listened pretty well.
That was until we were literally off roading it...
twisting our way around trees and bushes and walking down steep hills.

About 5 minutes in we realized we'd gone the HARD route ;)
and we turned around and took the longer/easier one.
Easier was great but we ended up a little confused here and there
and pretty much thought we might end up spending the night nestled beneath a little tree...

But luckily we made it out and back to hollywood.
We had some dinner and headed back for the night.

It was such an adventure and we were completely exhausted by the time we made it back.
We've decided to make today a lazy beach day.
Renting Tandems, eating bad {bud delicious foods}
and tanning the back of my legs to equal out the awkward sunburn I have ;)

I hope you're all having a wonderful day!! :)


  1. Theres a lot of clubs in that area, we went to a couple in West Hollywood when I was with my sister and her friends one summer. I think Hollywood is nice to see quickly, and then go somewhere else. :)

    1. Yes i agree, i think it's unique and you should see it, but it probably takes just over an hour for you to want to leave and go somewhere else ;) But the company you keep while there is more important! ;)

  2. it´s such a cute Story. it´s nice to see that the real-life Tom and emily have a good time together. i really adore your blog and the Story behind it. so best wishes for you two and a great time together.

    greetings fron Germany

    ps. maybe i show your blog on my blog - it´s so beautiful to read about you two and your lovestory. i think my readers should read your wonderful Story!

  3. Sounds like you're having a blast! So jealous of your Hollywood adventure (minus the hard route).

  4. Aww juste read your story! SO cute!! Hope you have fun in LA!
    I miss CA SOOO much! I'm dying to go back :)