Friday, June 28, 2013

Past Two Days

I've never had a real beach day.
I've never soaked in that sun the way we did on wednesday.
I've never really gone into the ocean and enjoyed it like i did wednesday.
I've never played fun beach games, or strolled along the boardwalk at sunset.
Well I can say i've done that now.

Tom showed me a true blue beach day and it was amazing!! 
We got breakfast and headed up the street to Santa Monica Beach for a relaxing day.
We have been on the hunt for a soccer ball since we got here,
we finally found one after walking down to Venice Beach.

So we had beach towels, sunscreen, soccer ball and bat and ball.
bat a ball is like ping pong with no table ;)

We had such an amazing day just lazing on the beach.
We're both a bit tan/burned but it feels good.

Yesterday we left Santa Monica which was a little bitter sweet.
We've become comfortable in this little beach town,
we have our favorite restaurants and we know where to shop.
So when we realized it was time to go it was a little sad.
BUT there were more adventures ahead, like YOSEMITE.

We headed back to the airport to RENT A CAR!!!
When did i get old enough to rent a car???
This is cray!!

But we did it and here's our little spicy nugget.
His name is Carlos and we love him!!

The drive towards Yosemite was GORGEOUS as you can see :)
But it was also HOT.

It was a bit shocking to go from low 70's to 108.
Tom was happy though...he loves that heat.
I was a little whiny ;)

We made it to where we are staying for the night and it's such a beautiful community. 
It's like a little ski resort and it's so nice!! :)

Well we're off, a day at Yosemite awaits us.
Hope you all have a wonderful Friday!! :)



  1. Aww glad you are having such a lovely time!

  2. You guys are cute. I have never been to the beach but I love your photos!