Friday, June 21, 2013

First Day

Let's just put it this way...
Skype vs. real life = So Different

It's funny, our first Skype date was really awkward.
Our first phone call was really awkward.
And our first meeting in the real world...was pretty awkward.
Which i was prepared for...because let's face it...we're awkward people.

I think we both expected it to be a little weird.
But we did what we do best, we took the weirdness and ran with it.
And we're now getting into a more comfortable place with each other.
This sort of thing takes time, getting to know someone for real.

My mom always told me that it would be different and she was right.
It's pretty different.

It's the best kind of different.
I have my best friend here with me.
And it's amazing!!
He's amazing!!
Just as amazing as i always knew he'd be.

AND he gets along with my family SO WELL!!
I was worried it might be a little weird but it's not weird at all.
He fits in so perfectly.

Yesterday was his first full day in America,
so of course i took him to Target and Walmart.
We had a blast in both places.
Silly but true ;)

Today I'm taking him to the Omni theater at the Fort Worth Museum.
It's just a fun little thing to do here, 
and if you know what an Omni theater is..
then you know it's awesome!!

So we're about to go do that, then we'll come home and do a
little labor in the back yard for the BBQ that's tomorrow.

We're also waiting on one of my best friends Lauren 
who's also staying with us this weekend. 

So BBQ tomorrow
Church Sunday
and California Monday.
That's when things really get exciting!!!

I'm sorry if you're waiting for pictures.
We've been a bit pre-occupied just getting used to each other.
I think i'll get the camera out more today so you can see us together a bit more ;)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend


  1. Lol, there's nothing more American then Walmart and Target! I can't wait until you post about Cali because I think you two will have a blast together :)
    xoxo -B ♡

    1. Oh i'm so excited about Cali, thats when the pics will start rolling in ;)

  2. I love that you took him to Wal-Mart and Target! I hope things are getting less awkward! Excited to hear more stories!

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