Tuesday, January 15, 2013

What Emily Wore

I think it's about time i come out with a confession...
I have an adiction to stripes....skinny stripes, wide stripes...
If you were to look in my top drawer of my dresser all you would find is striped shirts...
I can't and i won't help it...they're just so....parisian.
The stripes featured below are the same shirt different colors...
I'm also really loving dresses these days....
i mean if you had asked me about dresses when i was 5 i'd probably look at you like this.....
Yes....that's me hating my life!!!
Anyways here's a few outfits i threw together while i was home over break :)
hope you can pull some inspiration from my budget friendly outfits :)
{This is my headless one arm look...it came out nice}
Top -H&M $12.00
Skirt - Target $22.00

{The Christmas Tree look}
Dress - Target $19.99
sweater - old
tights - target $6.99

{i call this the makes me want to go to an aquarium outfit}
Top - H&M $12.00
Skirt - JCrew $15.00 (outlet)

{Maroon Maxi is Magical Outfit}
Skirt - Marshalls $16.00
Top - H&M $ 12.00

Hope y'all are having a wonderful tuesday!!!


  1. Hello! Just dropping in to let you know that I nominated your for a Liebster Award! I find your blog is oh so very interesting & I just had to nominate you! Check out the blog post here! http://notsosimplyabby.blogspot.com/2013/01/the-liebster-award.html

    1. Wow, you're like SO sweet haha it is an honor..really it is!!! I can't wait to nominate other blogs :-D Thanks so much Abby!!! :)