Friday, February 8, 2013

Definition of a Boyfriend

What is a boyfriend???
What makes someone your boyfriend???
Is there a list of things you have to check off??
A book you need to read??
Do you need counseling first???
Does it just happen??
Do you get a tingle in your toes??
Like how do you know?????

Well I think most of you by now are familiar with Tom!
So you may know where i'm headed...

I guess if this was a normal situation then there would be no question as to our officialness...

I don't think it's fair to measure how you feel about someone 
with how close they are in proximity to you!!  
Especially if you are doing everything in your power to stay connected.
*Oh and he's about to buy a plane ticket*
My mom always tells me...
Do you like talking to him? Yes mom
Does he make you happy? Yes mom
Do you enjoy the time you spend together? Yes mom
Ok, well then there you go.

I think i'm one of the very few people in this world in this particular situation.
I mean I can say i have a guy from England flying thousands of miles just 
so he can hang out with me....
That's AMAZING!!! 

Tom.Is.My.Boyfriend :) hehe
I think if the boy planning to fly thousands of miles just to see you
isn't your boyfriend..then you probably should reevaluate whats happening! 
Of course when he gets here the officialness of it all will actually sink in :)
That's something we are both excited about!!
And if you're not already sick of me being lovey dovey and sappy...
here's something Tom said to me the other day...

 "I remember you asked me what I looked for in a girl and I wasn't sure, but now I know, its everything you are, you are the perfect girl" heart like lept out of my chest!!!! ;)
Where did this guy come from?? 
{girly sigh}



  1. ok i have really been enjoying reading about your journey with tom! when he visits make sure he brings you some cadbury and lion bars and bakewell tarts!!

    1. Aww thanks Molly :) OH i am so on it!! I'm actually going to tell him to add that to his list right now!! ;)

  2. I've been reading through tons of your posts.. I think its so cute the way you guys met! I didn't even know that people still had serious penpals! Very romantic :)

    1. I didn't know people still had them either, until it was happening to me haha ;) It's pretty amazing!! Thanks for visiting Tiarenie :)