Friday, March 1, 2013

Letter Decorating Tutorial

Senior Year in high school i was itching for a job where i didn't have to work for someone...
I really disliked the idea of having a real job for some reason!
So what did i do?? I created my own job..
Because I'm a creative person, and well people like me so it was easy!!

I think i started making these for my dorm room
for my first semester of college. 
I was making them for myself and my future roommate as
a gift for wanting to live with me ;)
So it all started with 2 E for Emily and an M for Mandie! 
It ended with selling over 150 letters
and making a profit of about $1200

I posted the letters on FB after feeling very proud of myself for creating something fun and cute!!
Then i started getting messages asking me to make these for other people for their dorm rooms.
one thing led to another and I had a small business!!

I sold the letters at $10 a piece because well...a lot of work goes into them
and they are personalized..and i lived at hobby lobby for like a year
while working on these!!
I did everything from Initials to Universities to full names!!
I did this so much that i got involved in the Bazaar my school was putting on!
I ended up selling about 30 letters that day...made around $280 in one day!!
Pretty good for it being a hobby turned business..

Now what you're wanting to know is how i made these...Well since i'm no longer
in the letter making industry i'll share all of my secrets so you can make your own!!

Materials Needed:
Scrapbook paper
bow/flower/anything you want to use
modge podge
foam brush

Hobby Lobby sells the letters, they are white and normally at the end of an aisle..
retail for 2.99 but you can get them at 50% off every other week which is 
when i went shopping for materials!!

I used scrapbook paper on top of the letters...there is an entire aisle of paper
so there is literally so many patterns you can make...

I also had gems and bows to complete the look...
Now when you start you'll want to lay your paper down
so that the print side is face down...then you'll trace your letter...
MAKE SURE your letter is face down so you see the back 
of the letter when tracing it!!!! 

Trace the letter as close as possible and then cut it out!
Once it is cut you'll lay it on the letter to make sure it covers all regions.
Then take your modge podge and your brush and paint a thin layer of modge podge onto the letter..
then you'll put the paper over the modge podge..try to put it as close to where it needs
to go as possible because it's hard to move after you've set it on..
It takes practice so don't get too upset if it doesn't work the first time...

Then add gems and other frilly things and you'll have your cute letter ready to go!! :)
I hope this helps those of you who have wondered for a while how i did this..
If you have any questions just let me know :)



  1. Super cute! You should put these on Etsy :)

    1. Thanks, i have thought about it..we shall see ;)