Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I need your opinions!!!

Alright so we need a little help.
Tom and I have a HUGE problem!!!!

Which theme park should we go to??
haha ;) 

Ok so it's not really a huge problem ;)
But we do need your help in deciding.

Have you ever been to one of these three parks?? 
And if so, tell me in the comments which one we should go to.


Tom has been to DisneyLand Paris and i've been to Disney World.
So it's possible Disney could be out, but it's so magical and i know i'd LOVE to go back.
decisions, decisions...


I don't know much about California Adventure Park.
The little bit of research i've done has led it to be a serious contender.
With Tower of Terror, Soarin and Pixar stuff.
ALSO There's a huge show at the end of the night.
And if you know Disney you know it's going to be spectacular.


Then there's Universal Hollywood.
Which is DIFFERENT from Universal Orlando.
Honestly, I'd love to go to the one in Orlando with HP world.
But i'm not as sure about the hollywood one...
It's more of a movie studio than a theme park!!
hmm..so unsure!!

Keep in mind we have 1 day to devote to one park, 
and we want to get the most out of it!!
So pleeeaaaasssseeee help us out.
Even if you haven't been to one of these parks, 
which one would you choose?

Thanks everyone!!!



  1. Never been to any of these, but my rule is ALWAYS go to the park with the most roller coasters ;)

    1. Haha that's a good rule!!! Thanks Georgia :-)

  2. I saw DisneyWorld because it's a classic! There are big roller coaster driven parks in England (like Thorpe Park) but EuroDisney is NOT comparable! xx

    1. I do love me some roller coasters!! :) I love disney though, even without big coasters i just love the magic of it :) I'm a total kid at heart haha

  3. Park hopper pass to both Disney parks and stay at a hotel close to the parks so you can take a break easily when you need a break from crowds.

    1. This is a good idea. I've been to Disneyland, CA Adventures, Disneyland Paris, and Disney World. CA Adventures is definitely the least exciting of the four parks, but it does have some unique "California-esque" parts to it that y'all might like.

      Since you've been to Disney World, Disneyland is like Magic Kingdom + the highlights of Epcot/MGM/Animal Kingdom all rolled into one.

    2. Oh man i would love to do the park hopper, i'm just not sure we have that much time...hmmm see Disneyland is just soooo classic, i know we can't go wrong if we go there...but i just don't know haha

  4. GO TO UNIVERSAL! Serious, I hate to be a wet blanket, but Disney was packed PACKED I went several times as a kid and liked it, but as an adult it sucked.. The lines were long for everything and its just such a child thing. Unless you really have the urge to go I say skip it. I went 3 years ago with my fiancee (I was 21 at the time) and regret it, I wish we went to universal, I have no desire to go to Disney again. I went to Universal as a kid also, but I fell into the Disney allure 3 years ago lol.

    1. Yea see, you've just pointed out the reasons i'm nervous about Disney haha ;) Universal is a serious contender!!

  5. Disney! Always, Disney! My husband and I just got back from Disneyland (we live in Orlando and do Disney World a lot) and we loved it. We got the two day, 2 park pass. The night show at California Adventures was fantastic, so worth waiting for. And the Cars land was awesome, especially since we don't have that one here in Orlando. We loved it!

    1. Ahh yea!! I love Disney so much, it's just where my hearts at ;) And you really can't go wrong!! The night show at Cali adventures is one of the main reasons i want to go there haha also i'd love to do stuff like Tower of Terror and Soarin!! hmmmmm...

  6. I vote California Adventures!!! And HP world when you can go to Orlando.

    AND (this may be my best idea yet) the HP studios when you go visit Tom.

    That's all. :)

  7. I have been to all three.
    Disney Adventure is fun and has lots of roller coasters but felt to me like Fiesta Texas, Six Flags or something.
    DisneyLand was magical and everything Disney. It was so much fun, and there are still roller coasters!
    Universal to me was no big deal. I went in High School, so maybe thats why, but it was just shopping and restaurants. And I remember it being kinda on the small side.

    Hope that helps!
    Amanda @ harpersheadlines.blogspot.com

    1. Awesome advice Amanda, this definetly helps sooooo much :)

  8. I'm a Disney pass-holder (because what else do you do when college is only 20 min away?) and I totally vote park hopper. There is definitely enough time to switch back and forth a couple times if you do a full day. California Adventure has better food and World of Color is fantastic. Disneyland is still just as magical and wonderful as it was when you were six. Monday-Wed are going to be the lesser crowded days, especially tues. And you can hold a fast pass for a ride in both park in each hour, which is pretty great.

    hope that helps :)

    1. awesome advice Jess :) Thanks so much...i'm leaning towards Disney...I think Tom is too, but he's pretty neutral, i think he'd be happy with any of them ;) I think the plan is to go Tuesday or wednesday soooo that's awesome news that it's a little less crowded!! :)