Thursday, October 10, 2013

Holidays/England/Paris/Graduation - The next 7 weeks

The next seven weeks are full of so many exciting things.
I can't really wrap my head around the fact that this is
all taking place in a few short weeks but it is and it's exciting!!

There are 20 Days till Halloween.
26 days til I can say I've known Tom for an entire YEAR!!
In fact i think i can safely say we've spoken everyday for an entire year...
41 days till I hop on a plane and head to England.
47 days til I have my first Thanksgiving in England...
and Tom's family just has their first Thanksgiving in general ;)
And finally 62 days until i graduate.
Whoa Baby!

The great thing about all of this is life won't exactly slow down after i graduate.
Once i'm home the plan is to work at the cupcake shack for a few weeks
and then hop on another plane, probably back to England.

You're probably wondering about Paris?
Well, i'm wondering about it too...
How hard is it to get young adults full of life and seeking adventure
to go on such an amazing life changing trip???
Apparently it's really difficult.

I've promoted and recruited as much and as hard as i could.
And we still only have like 10 maybe 11 people signed up.
It's frustrating because it's such a great program and you'd think people
would jump at the chance to study in Paris, France!!
I know i jumped, and i'm glad i did.

But sadly i can't force people to go...if i could i would ;)
And i need to graduate more than i need to go to Paris...
Crazy words...I know ;)

But it's time to focus on School a bit more.
Get out of here with some good grades and spend
my free time with the people that i won't be seeing much after December.

I'm so ready for these exciting things to get here
so i can blog about seeing Tom in the airport and 
talk about meeting his family and going on little England adventures.
And take you a long the journey of finishing school.
It's going to be an amazing couple of weeks.
I hope you'll all follow along ;)



  1. I obviously loved studying in France, and it led to me working there for the better part of two years after graduation. But not everyone can afford it, and with the economy still pretty rough, I'm assuming even less students today have the money to study abroad. It's a shame, because it's really an eye-opening opportunity, but it's one you and I had the class privilege of doing.

    1. Yes, I agree, I think money and economy and safety in the world is a little shakier than when I went 2 years ago so I understand why people may not be able to go, it's just a real shame..We both know how spectacular it is, I just wish everyone could experience it. :)

  2. How exciting!!! So many things are happening! Good luck with your trip to England. I am a firm believer there is no better place than England.